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Dogs have their sweat glands on their tongue so they pant to cool off their bodies. The pus in the eye is not normal and she should see a vet for that.

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Q: Why is your dog panting and she has a runny eye with pus?
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What causes your dog eyes to puss?

Pus is formed when inflammatory cells (usually neutrophils) react to an infection. If there is pus around your dog's eye, it is probably because there is an infection (likely bacterial) around the eye. This should be evaluated by a veterinarian as soon as possible.

What does it mean when pus comes out of an 18 year old dog's eye?

This is an indication of an infection in your dog's eye - if it doesn't resolve in a couple of days you should take him to the vet.

What happens if you get pus from a blister in your eye?

If you get pus from a blister in your eye, you should probably see a doctor.

What is a pus pocket under the eye lid?

A pus pocket under the eye lid can form if if there is an infection in and around the eye.

What is a pus pocket under the eye lid-?

A pus pocket under the eyelid is signs of an eye infection.

If a dog has the green pus coming from his eyes could it be contagious to a puppy and could this be serious?

The green pus is mostly dead inflammatory cells and tends to be non-infectious. However, if the cause of the inflammation in the dog's eye was infectious (bacterial or viral are most common in dogs), that infection is very likely to be transferred to a puppy and you may see similar pus coming from the puppy's eye in a few days. I would suggest taking your dog to a veterinarian if this is new and you aren't sure what you are seeing - there could be a foreign body in the eye or a serious infection that needs to be treated to prevent blindness.

What is the medical term meaning pus in the eye?


Can an STD cause pus in your eye?

It could have a link, but probably not.

Why would Pus come from a dog's penis?

it might be infected

What does it mean if there is pus coming out of your dog's penis?

You should take the dog to the vet. If this is happening, he probably has an infection.

What is wrong with your dog if he has pus coming out of his eyes?

It means that your dog either has an infectoin of a type of ocular cancer.

What do you when pus is coming out of a dog bite?

If the bite is on a human, take that human to see a doctor. If the bite is on a dog, take the dog to a veterinarian.

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