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Why is your dog panting excessively?

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Your dog could be out of shape. Try giving it some exercise everyday. Answer 2 Is is constant panting with hardly any stopping? If so this is a sign of Diabetes or cushings disease, check this site for info, you can take a look you don't have to join.

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Why is dog tired and panting excessively?

If it is not after excercise your dog could have canine diabetes, check out this site for symptoms

What does it mean when a puppy pants?

Panting is how dogs and puppies cool themselves off. They do not sweat, as people do. Some reasons a dog will pant excessively: • The dog is in pain • May have eaten something that's toxic • Chronic illness such as heart failure, Cushing's syndrome, or respiratory disorders • Some medications will cause a dog to pant heavily If your puppy seems to be panting excessively, it's time to have a vet examine him or her.

Is a dog panting an example of structural adaptation?

A dog would be panting because as a stuctural adaptaion . My answer is no because a dog would be panting because is hot.

Is panting a sign of pain?

Yes and no. If the dog has been playing ball, panting is the way dogs sweat. If the dog is giving birth, panting accompanies labor and delivery. If the dog is wounded and the wound is painful and infected, panting is an indication of pain.

Use panting in a sentence?

The dog is panting because of the excesssive heat.

What is aterm for dick and Jane's panting dog that is volcanic?

A term for Dick and Jane's panting dog that is volcanic is a HOT SPOT.

How do dog get rid of heat?

By panting.

What does panting mean to a cat?

to have a dog

How is a dog panting physical?

Dog panting is physical because certain muscles make it happen - blinking in animals is also physical.

What happens when your dog is breathing hard?

The dog will begin panting with its tongue out. The panting allows for the saliva on the dog's tongue to evaporate which cools the tongue, which reduced the body heat of the dog. After a few minutes the dog will have cooled down and stopped panting.

When do you know your dog is dehydrated?

When he starts panting

What to do if my dog has labored breathing?

be more specific, heavy panting, constant panting? drinking lots of water?

What is a sentence for the word panting?

My dog has been panting all day.The wolf sat in the corner, panting and eyeing up the prey he has saved for dinner.

What does the dog days of summer mean?

It means when you are panting in the summer like a dog.

Why does your dog excessively lick your other dog?

friendly and kind.......

Can dog breath through its mouth?

Yes, they do this when they are panting.

Panting by an overheated dog is an example of what?

Evaporative Cooling.

When was claude monets first panting?

Katherine A dog

Does a dog loose body heat from panting?


Why is my dog trembling and panting?

my dog has been shivering, trembling and panting every night for about two weeks now. I have tried everything and nothing seems to work. can you please advise me of what to do?

What are the signs when a dog is in labor?

signs your dog is in labor is the panting,vomiting, and restlessness of her vagina.

Panting is an effective what?

Panting is effective at cooling a dog off when it's too hot. Dogs can't sweat so panting is the only natural way for it to cool themselves off.

Dog panting heavely and trembling?

Go to the vet NOW

Why do dog use their tongue when panting?

it helps cool them off.

What if a dog is licking its nose obbsesively and panting heavily?

Its tired