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Same reason you need an address to receive mail. It's how myspace contacts you if they need to.

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What is your MySpace Email?

Your MySpace email is an email address that you get on the MySpace site.

How do you find your MySpace email?

i am have forgot myspace email is address and password

How can you change your MySpace email when the one your using is invalid?

my myspace got hacked & when I click forgot password and put my email address in it it says its not correct email address what do I do?

How do you verify your email address on MySpace?

== == You get an email from myspace with a link, just click that link and ur done

How do you verify your email address fast in MySpace?

you just have to go to your email and click on the link. myspace sends you an email almost immediately

What is Tom Brady's email address?


What is scootersmith myspace email address?

check youe answer

What is Jeremy sumoter email address?

you can find him on myspace

Does connor Hutcherson have an email address?

yes go on to his myspace and you will see his email.

What is Dakota Fanning MySpace email address?

WikiAnswers does not give out email addresses.

How do you confirm your MySpace?

Myspace will send a conformation email to your email address that you entered to login to myspace. Go to your myspace and open the letter from either your inbox or your junk mail. Click on the link and your myspace account will be confirmed !!!

On MySpace how do you confirm email?

Check the email address you gave to them and click on the confirmation link.

What is soulja boy MySpace email address?

Hemyhusband .com

Does zac farro have a MySpace?

Yes he does but you have to know his email address.

Can you make a Myspace even if you don't have a email address?


What is jeff hardys myspace email address?

Has Hannah Montana got an email address?

yes she does she is on my myspace

How do you verify your MySpace account?

You verify your MySpace account by logging in to the email address you signed up with, and clicking on the activation link in the email sent to you.

What is JB Mauney's email address?

i have j.b mauney`s email address he gave it to me on myspace it's

What is Brittany sours email address?

The email address for Brittany Sour\'s is not stated, but she has a MySpace account by the name of britt1033.

How do you comfirm email address MySpace?

go to your email account after you have made you my space and in your inbox you should have a email from my space saying confirm email address and then it should lead you on from there...

Does Lauren graham have an email address? Her myspace says her email is

Jr ward email address?

She is on myspace, yet she doesn't accept new friends unless you know her email address. not nice.

How do you verify a email address on MySpace?

they way you veryify an email address on myspace is : the other person must have a myspace account and then you go to search and putin there name or whatever and you go to there profile and click add as friends whish should be underneath there picture!

What is Soulja boy tellem MySpace email address?