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Why is your fish swimming crooked?

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probably a disease called ick. remedy is at pet store

2006-10-04 16:25:04
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What to do when your fish is not swimming?

if it is not swimming it is dead!

What would happen to a cartilaginous fish it stops swimming?

If cartilaginous fish stopped swimming they would die. These fish need to be swimming to feed and keep their bodies hydrated.

Why do fish have swimming bladders?

Fish body is of boat shape to balance itself in the water nature have given swimming bladders for fish.

Fish swimming vertically?

A fish that is swimming vertical is usually ill or stressed and could die if not treated

What is the Pisces symbol?

Two fish. One fish swimming going up an another swimming down.

Why is my fish swimming really fast next to another fish swimming very fast?

Betressed.cause they are stressed.

What does Swimming in a pool with dirty water and fish mean?

it means your swimming in a pool with dirty water and fish.....get out!

Why is your fish swimming vertically?

He got tired of swimming horizontally.

Who started swimming?


What do fish like?


What is the movement of the fish?


A lot fish swimming together?

Shoal A lot of fish swimming together is called a school.A "Shoal" or a "School"

Can a fish swim on a swimming pool?

no, the cloride you put in the swimming pool to keep ik clean, is toxic for fish

Why fish often swim in shoals?

Individual fish are safer from a predator if swimming in a shoal, than if they are swimming alone.

What is the social of a fish?

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

How do you say fish in plural in spanish?

Spanish distinguishes between free swimming fish and caught fish. The plural of free swimming fish is [los] peces. The plural of caught fish is [los] pescados.

Why is your fish swimming on its side?

That means you fish would have died

What the adaptation for clown fish?

The adaptation of a clown fish is swimming.

What are groups of fish swimming together called?

a school of fish

How do you know when a fish is sleeping?

when your fish is sleeping you can see it in the bottom of your tank or swimming and sleeping at the same time it is confusing when you see your fish sleeping and swimming at the same

What appendages do fish have?

Fish have a few appendages. Fish have swimming appendages and jointed appendages.

Which is the fastest swimming fish?

The Swordfish

How do blue fish they travel?


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What is the movement of a fish called?