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Q: Why is your guinea pig's ear dry?
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Can guinea pigs ear peanutbutter?


Is it natural for a guinea pigs ear to be pure skin?

Yes,many guinea pigs don't have fur on their ears.

Can guinea pigs become deaf?

yes they can just like a dog or cat guinea pigs can become deaf my guinea pig is deaf in one ear

Why do guinea pigs ears get crusty?

guinea pigs ears should not be might be ear wax? Or it could be ear mites - when my guinea pigs had crust inside their ears and i took them to the vet for other reasons- the vet said it was ear mites- Use a cotton swab moist with warm water to clean them out

Can you give guinea pigs a dry bath?


Can guinea pigs get sick?

Yes they can Some guinea pigs have fits from a middle ear infection for water getting into their ears and they can have fits from mites.

Why is my guinea pigs ear red?

Some guinea pigs have naturally red ears, if they were not like that before it could be irritated or infected.

What do you do if your guinea pigs ear is bitten?

well I have a guinea pig pig with a half gone ear and she's fine. it's very common for you to have a guinea pig with a bitten ear. somtimes it turns out that your guinea pig was just born with it. but one of the main reasons alot of guinea pigs have that defect is because when their born the father will try to eat the baby guinea pig if you don't remove it from the cage emidetly. no one knows why but they always go for the ear first. but if your guinea pigs have baby's and the father gets the ear take it to the vet. but if you bought it at the pet store and it came like that then you do nothing special to it.

What is in guinea pigs food?

I give my guinea pigs dry food which normally has in it timothy hay which they seem to prefer mor than alfalfa hay.

Why do Guinea pigs blink?

They blink so their eyes don't dry out.

Can people get ear mites from guinea pigs?

it depends on if you get close and personal with your guinea pig and they have ear mites. the best thing to do is look for the same symptoms as your guinea pig had and go to the doctor as soon as possible.

Can guinea pigs be with rabbits with supervision?

Yes although you would have to look out for the pigs ear being chewed to get the most food.

Do guinea pigs eat weetabix?

If u have no guinea pig food left it is ok to give ur guinea pigs some weetabix dry. It is ok for them to eat because it is weat and that is good for them!

What spray do you use on dry food for guinea pigs?

vfvgwsdwer bsv2 q4r3exwcrvfcewd

What do guniea pigs eat?

Guinea pigs eat a variety of fruits and vegetables and dry pellets to maintain a healthy diet.

Are guinea pigs a pig or?

No!!!!!!!They are actually part of the rodent family.

Do pigs get along with guinea pigs?

yes guinea pigs do get along with pigs and they wont eat the guinea pig. does this answer your question?

Are guinea pigs clean?

What Fruit do guinea pigs eat??Do guinea pigs love running around??Do guinea pigs love to squeak??Can guinea pigs get colds/sick/sore throats/puke??

Can guinea pigs eat weetbix?

Guinea pigs can eat small amounts of Weet bix. Always make sure there is plenty of water available for them, as Weet bix is such a dry cereal.

What do guinea pigs eat for breakfast?

guinea pigs can eat the same thing all day long i usually give mine some veggies with their dry food in the morning and afternoon.

How much wheat grass can guinea pigs have?

The guinea pigs can have as much wheat grass the guinea pigs can have.

Are guinea pigs hypoallergenic?

Guinea pigs are not hypoallergenic.

How many guinea pigs do guinea pigs have?

I have three

Are guinea pigs omnivore?

Guinea pigs are herbivores.

Are guinea pigs poisonous?

Guinea pigs are not poisonous.