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Take a pregnancy test! These are all classic signs of pregnancy. Even if you report you are still having your period. If it comes up negative I would suggest you seek a doctor as these could be signs of an infection - an incomplete miscarriage, fibroids, stomach/bowel infection. Hello - This could be because you are pregnant. I would see your doctor for a blood test asap to confirm whether you are pregnant or not hun. Meanwhile take it easy. Take care. :o)

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Q: Why is your period a lighter flow than normal and you feel dizzy fainty vomiting and get headaches and bloated stomach?
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What does it mean when you have headaches yellow vomiting and gassy stomach?

the swine flu.

What virus is called with vomiting and headaches?

it could be fever or stomach flu

You are 30 years old and eat well you do suffer from servere headaches and also have a bloated stomach why?

Migraine headaches tend to cause abdominal symptoms including bloating, nausea and vomiting. Other symptoms of migraine headaches include sensitivity to light, sound and blurred vision. Many things can trigger migraines including certain foods, stress,pain and hormonal changes.

What are the side effects of hydroxychlor?

headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, loss of appetite and weight loss.

Does your stomach just feel bloated when pregnant?

A bloated stomach is one of the pregnancy symptoms yes.

Signs of your period?

cramps swollen breasts vomiting diarrea acne headaches stomach aches tired food cravings mood swings

First signs of conception?

It varies from woman to woman, but some common early signs are nausea, loss or gain of appetite, headaches, stomach aches and vomiting.

Can trichomoniasis cause a bloated stomach?

Trichomoniasis will not cause a bloated stomach, although the treatment may. Contact your health care provider to find out of reexamination is needed.

Presence of stone in the gallbladder?

chronic stomach pains: can be caused by excess/over movement, or by certain foods - greasy/fatty or spicyVomiting/Nauseafatigueheadaches

Why does your stomach feel tight?

Bloated, full, or pregnant

What is a bloated stomach?

When you are very full and have to much gas in your stomach. Almost like your about to explode.

What are some example sentences using the word bloated?

My stomach feels bloated.The bloated dead body of the fish floated to the top of the fish tank.

What are the different symptoms of being pregnant?

Hello - Basically the most common pregnancy symptoms are as follows: Missed period or spotting period. Breast tenderness/ breast fullness Veins on breasts Nauseous or vomiting Food adversions and food cravings Bloated stomach or feeling of being bloated Abdominal cramping similar to period cramping Constipation/diahreehea Cervical mucus that increases in flow Tiredness/extreme tiredness Dizzy spells or headaches Hope this has helped you. If it has please recommend me. :-)

Does your stomach feel like it is bloated in early pregnancy?


How does your stomach feel when youre 1 week pregnant?


How do you feel when your about to get your period?

You may feel slightly irritable (moody)Your stomach might look slightly bloatedYou may get headachesYou may get body achesYou may get a whitish dischargeand many moreWhen you are on your period, different things happen. You might be vomiting a lot or might feel slightly dizzy. You may crave sweet or savoury things like chocolates or biscuits.

What are the signs you get in the first two weeks after conception?

It varies from woman to woman. You may not have any signs, but you could experience nausea, vomiting, headaches, stomach aches and loss or gain of appetite.

My period is two months late i am bloated but my stomach is kinda hard i have hard nipples and get tired and hungry all the time i sometimes get little headaches please help?

Take a pregnancy test. (you are most likely pregnant)

What happens to the body when it suffers from nicotine poisoning?

SymptomsVomiting and nausea, diarrheaHeadachesDifficulty breathingPallorSweatingPalpitationsLispsStomachpains/crampsSeizuresWeaknessDrooling

Feeling bloated and stomach pains and hungry but you feel full?


What does it mean when your female Betta fish has a bloated stomach?

Its probably pregnet

What would cause your male cats stomach to be bloated?

cat acid

What causes headaches and stomach cramps?

Dehydration causes stomach cramps and in most cases headaches. (these symptoms go for men & women of all ages)

Is it normal for your stomach and lower stomach to hurt and be kind of bloated because you are on your period and have been exercising a lot?


Does your stomach flatten after getting your period?

no, it actually makes you feel a little bloated.

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