Why is your period a week late are you pregnant?


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if you had sex i would take the test if not dont worry about it!!!!!

If you had sex, maybe.

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Yes, you can get pregnant a week before your period from pre-ejaculate. (pre-ejaculate is really no different than ejaculate). However, if you get your period a week later, you did NOT get pregnant.

Your period will not start if you are pregnant, if you're a week late take a HPT.

Yes, it is possible to be pregnant if your period is only a week late; however, it is also possible that one is not pregnant. In other words, a period that is one week late alone does not prove or disprove pregnancy. To be sure, either consult a doctor or do a pregnancy test after another week goes by. Regardless, if one feels that they are pregnant, they should seek medical advice.

If she had a regular period than she is not pregnant, and the fact that it was a week late may be due to stress.

if your health is a week late could you be pregnant.

If it was only a day late, you aren't pregnant. But if it was a day late and really light and short, you could be. A late period just happens sometimes. I am normally a very regular person and I was a week late two months in a row and I wasn't pregnant.

when you miss your period, and if you are pregnant, does your body still cramp like it does when you are starting your period?

Well, implantation spotting usually occurs a week after ovulation or a week before your period. Considering it

Yes you could be pregnant if you are having unprotected sex. Symptoms are usually nausea, vomiting, and breast tenderness. If you are pregnant, you could be threatening to have a misscarriage, or not pregnant and having a late period.

no if you miss a period you might be pregnant. if you have your period you are not.

your period may be late if you are pregnant

you could be pregnant or your period could be thrown off for whatever reason. I have had that happen to me recently I was cramping it was not bad and then boom there it was late but it was there

Your period was just probally late, if you where pregnant you would not of started at all.

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