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This could simply be due to the stress of the C-Section. However if you've been bleeding for over 7 days then see your Doctor for a in-depth examination to make sure nothing physical is causing your prolonged period.

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If you had cesarean the first time can you have the second baby normal?

Unless a doctor has diagnosed a medical condition, many women go on to having a normal birth with their second child, after a c-section.

If you had a c-section the 1st time will you also have one the second child?

I have seen women who delivered vaginally after previous cesarean sections. These are called VBAC (Vaginal birth after C-section.) You have to discuss with your OB doc. There is an increase risk for uterine rupture in VBAC. This is because you have a scar in your uterus from previous surgery. It is a potential weak point under pressure. This is why the most common reason for having a cesarean is the previous history of cesarean. There are plenty of other reasons for having C-section initially like breech, multiple births, fetal distress, and others.

What is the procedure for cesarean section?

The first incision opens the abdomen, usually horizontal across and above the pubic bone. The second transverse incision opens the uterus. The amniotic sac is ruptured and the baby delivered.

When can you try for a second child after a cesarean operation for your first child?

Whenever your obstetrician says you can.

What are the different types of uterine incisions in Caeserean Section?

There are 3 common types of incisions in a Cesarean section. First and the most common one is low transverse incision. Second is the low vertical incision.Third is the classic midline incision. Selection of the type of incision depends upon the risk factors in pregnancy. Consult your obstetrician for detailed advice.

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If you had a c section your first pregnancy will they take the baby 2 weeks early on your second one?

This depends on your care provider and your personal situation. Vaginal births after cesarean sections are perfectly safe, so unless there is a contraindication to you giving birth vaginally, your care provider should allow your pregnancy to continue normally.

What is two forms of childbirth?

natural birth wich means no drugs are given to the mother to alleviate the pain of delivery ,and second we have cesarean birth wich is when the baby is deliver trough surgery. However, just because drugs are used during Vaginal birth does not disqualify it from being defined as natural. You can have a drug free natural vaginal delivery, or a natural vaginal delivery and use safe medications before and during delivery. A beter answer would be: 1- Vaginal 2- Cesarean section, where the baby is surgically removed from the womb.

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i got it second time last year i was struck by it in october for very first time...does it remain forever?

How soon after having a cesarean can you become pregnant again?

They told me that is much easier to get preg the second and third time around.If your periods are regular again , and are ovulating, then there is a good chance. Hope this helps.

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