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I ran into this problem at my new house. You have to take the shower knob off and there will be instructions inside to adjust the water temperature. This is to protect children from getting burnt from turning the water on too hot.

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Q: Why is your shower luke warm when the bathroom sink runs hot?
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What is a room with shower and sink called?

a bathroom

What is a one-and-a-half bathroom?

A bathroom would have a toilet-sink-tub and or shower. A half bath has a toilet maybe a sink but no tub or shower.

What does 1.75 bathroom mean?

This indicates that it has a toilet, sink and a shower but no bathtub. A 1.50 indicates that it has a toilet, sink but no shower or bathtub.

What is a 3 piece bathroom?

it is a sink, toilet and a shower (if it has a bathtub it would be a 4 piece bathroom)

What is the difference between restroom and bathroom?

rest room: toilet and a sink bathroom: toilet, sink and a shower or a bathing tub sometimes both

What is something you find in a bathroom?

Soap, Toilet, Toilet paper, A Sink, Depending on the bathroom there could be a shower.

What is a 4 piece bathroom?

it has a toilet, sink, shower and tub. (if it has a shower stall and no tub it is called a 3 piece)

What are things in a bathroom that starts with S?

Soap, Shampoo, Sink, Shaver, Steam, Sanitizer.shavershaving creamshampooscrub brushspongesshower curtainsinkshampooA sinksoapshaving creamshampooshowershower curtainsoap?soapSoap, shampoo, shower gel, shower, sink...Sinkname something found in bathroom starting with letter nSoapsinkshampooshowershower curtainsinksoapshower,shower curtain, shower cap, shower head, soap,Some things in the bathroom that start with S are:showershower curtainshower rodshower doorsinkstopperscrub brushspray cleanerspray freshenerspray deodorantspray for hairshag rugshaver, electricshaving mirrorshaving creamshaving lotionskin creamscalessoapshampooThe Sinkand soapItems in a bathroom beginning with S:shaving creamshower curtainshampoosoapspongeshavershower capshower curtainsoapshampoosanitisersoap. shower. sink. stall. steel.Sink, shower, soap, shampoo, shower gel, spa (maybe, if you are rich)soapshaving creamshavershampooShoweritems found in the bathroom S:soapshampooscalesuntan lotionScope Mouth Washshower curtainshower capscrub brushscented candlesshower gelSensodyne ToothpasteSominex sleep aidSure antiperspirantSoapsoap

What are some stuff in the bathroom?

Bath, toilet, sink, shower, mirror, toothbrush, shaver ?

Why does the shower leak when you turn on the bathroom sink?

that means you might have a leak in the pipes or something.

What is a 2 piece bathroom?

Generally called a half bath. Sink and toilet, no tub or shower.

What causes the shower to go cold when the sink in the same bathroom is being used?

A poor plumbing job. The pipes to the shower & sink share a pipe to the water heater and the pipe is not large enough. This causes the water pressure in the pipe to drop when the hot water is turned on at the sink while the shower is also on.

What starts with the letter s and is found in the bathroom?

Things in the bathroom:saline solution,scale,scissors,shampoo,shaver,shaving cream,shower,sink,soap,

What are some things that can be found in a bathroom that start with the letter s?

soap,shower,sink,shampoo,shaving cream,

Do leeches live in shower drains?

I dont know, i found one in my bathroom sink today... no idea how it got there :-/

Is bathroom a noun?

Yes, the word 'bathroom' is a noun, a word for a room containing a bathtub or shower and usually a sink and toilet; a public toilet facility; a word for a thing.

What is the bathroom without a tub called in the entrance of a home?

If it has a toilet, sink, and shower, it is a 3/4 bath. If it has a toilet and sink, it is a half bath. If it has only a toilet, it is a latrine.

How do you vent bathroom plumbing?

Yes. The toilet HAS to be wet vented within FIVE feet with the pipes from the sink and/or tub/shower.

How big is a master master bath?

It depends... A master bath can be as big as the person who built the house wanted to but the for the master bathroom to be a master bathroom you have to have a sink, toilet, and a shower/bathtub

What are the minimum number of plumbing fixture for a single family residence?

Hot water tank, hose bibb, kitchen sink, toilet, bathroom vanity sink and a tub/shower.

What does 1.3 bathrooms mean?

A bathroom has 3 things in it. A toilet, sink and tub or shower. I would assume the .3 would be one with just a toilet and no sink. If it had a sink, it would be 1 1/2 bath.

What minerals are in a bathroom sink?

A bathroom sink only has one mineral and it is copper

What do they call bathrooms in the United Kingdom?

In the UK a bathroom is the room in the house where the bath (bathtub) or shower is situated, which normally contains a sink and toilet, too.What a bathroom is not in the UK is a room containing only a toilet and sink. You see, it's a bath room.

Why would the shower drain or bathroom sink faucet make a bubbling noise when you flush the toilet?

Bad vent or particle stoppage

Does Lego friends Olivia's house have a bathroom?

yes, Olivia's house does have a bathroom, it is located on top of the kitchen on the left hand side of the house. it has a nice shower, with a toilet, drawers, and a sink.