Why is your throat closing up?

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Severe allergic reactions can cause anaphylactic shock. You should go to an emergency room immediately.

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Q: Why is your throat closing up?
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What does it mean when you swallow and it feels like your throat is closing up?

Your question is ambiguous but when you swallow your throat is supposed to close up. The muscle structure of the throat constricts the passage in such a manner to force any food down towards the stomach and to prevent food going to the lungs.

1993 F250 idles too high?

Could be the throttle plate is not closing properly - try to free up with a screwdriver in the throat

How does the gag reflex stop us from choking?

The gag reflex is the throat closing up and trying to force a foreign object down the throat. It is the body's attempt to stop choking by clearing the object out of the vital area.

How can you tell if you are allergic to nuts?

I am allergc and my throat feels very swollen and it feels like my windpipe is closing.

Can your throat close from smoking weed?

Yes, your throat may close from smoking too much weed. This could be because etheir your allergic to weed or you have smoked too much of it then it may lead to side affects as in your throat closing.

Does your throat clog up?


Why do you feel it in your throat when cry?

Your insides. They travel up to your throat when you cry.

What is a UPPP?

Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP)-- An operation to remove excess tissue at the back of the throat to prevent it from closing off the airway during sleep.

Why when i am singing does my throat feel tight and uncomfortable?

because you have not warmed up your throat yet.

Does closing laptop mess it up?

No, not usually.

What are the conditions of strep throat?

The conditions of strep throat are shivering, throat, stomach hurting, and also throwing up. When you have strep throat, you also may be very tired.

What if your throat is practically swollen up due to a sore throat what do you do?

go to a doctor NOW!dont get a deep throat next time

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