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it could be low on fluid or dirty filter or internal problems.

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Q: Why is your transmission rattling?
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What would cause a rattling sound coming from a manual transmission in a 1999 dodge ram 1500?

It may be your catalytic converter. Ours did the same thing with an automatic transmission. We sometimes thought it was the transmission, then we received a recall on the converter. Took it in to be replaced, and no more rattling.

What does it mean when your car is leaking transmission fluid and rattling?

means get it to a repair shop

What can the rattling from under my f150 be?

the muffler rattling? the muffler rattling? the muffler rattling?

Why is your 89 caprice still shaking and rattling after you got a tune up?

YOU GOT TO EXPLAIN THOSE SYMTOMS WITH MORE DETAILS. Transmission is slipping. Needs new transmission.

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What is causing a rattling noise from the transmission or clutch of a 1987 ford bronco 2?

probably the through out baring or ur trany is goin out

What is the rattling sound in transmission?

Static ______________________________________________________________________ Rattling is not a usual complaint for a transmission. Cracked flex plate, loose bolt holding the flex plate to the torque converter, spider gears going bad. Does it all the time or only when moving? Starter not disengaging all the way and catching the teeth on the flex plate. Hard to know without hearing it.

What is causing rattling noise inside automatic transmission?

Most likely a cracked flex plate making the torque converter nock or the torque converter is bad.

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What would cause a rattling sound under your transmission?

Many exhaust systems have a hanger located near or on the transmission, climb under there and sheke some things to see if you can replicate the noise, it could even be the heat shield for the catalytic converter coming loose.

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My car made a rattling noise then shut off. If its not the battery what could it possibly be. I have a 2002 Oldsmobile Alero?

i say that your engine broke down or that your transmission broke

When you put the car in drive it just sits and theres this loud clunky rattling revving sound?

Could be a, broken flywheel (flex plate), blown transmission or blown differential.

1994 Nissan sentra 1.6 ltr std transmission you recently changed the spark plugs and ignition rotor and now its missing and making a rattling noise around the spark plug area what is rattling noise?

You haven't by any chance dropped something down a sparkplug hole! Small nut or bolt!

When you put the car AC on you hear a rattling sound?

No i dont however i am getting a rattling from somewhere else

What can cause a Rattling sound in back of 2002 Chevy Trailblazer?

stabizer bar links that causing the rattling..

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Noisey rattling clutch until pedal depressed what is this?

You might want to maybe change or refill you transmission fluid in your vehicle. Also, you might have been "riding your clutch" in this case it needs to be changed.

My Mazda b2500 makes loud rattling sound when i push the clutch in to shift into first gear why?

The clutch trow out bearing has failed Change the clutch before it explodes and does serious damage to the transmission.