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Your flasher relay box may need to be replaced, but could also be an electrical short.

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Q: Why is your turn signal making a clicking sound even after it is turned off?
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What causes a clicking sound when turning right in your truck?

the clicking sound is the blinker. when you signal to turn with your blinker the light flashes and makes a clicking sound.

Why is car making a clicking sound when you make turns?

probably because you have your turn signal on. LOL sorry, couldn't resist

Why does your 2000 Chevy blazer Turn signal flasher not shut off?

probably have a bad relay, that was my problem.. Are your turn signals not working, but your hazards lights are? and if so, do you hear a constant clicking sound, like your turn signal is turned on? Does the clicking sound go away when you hit the brakes? It is the relay.

How do you stop the turning signal clicking even when you do not have the turn signal on?

Either there is something else making that sound or a utility malfunction, try to figure out what could be making the noise, if you can't find an answer bring it in to a dealer for further inspection

What makes the clicking sound When you turn on your turn signal?

the flasher relay.

Your car is making a clicking sound that seems to be coming from the dashboard It sounds like the turn signal but they are not on Could this be something in the ignition It is a 2002 Malibu?

I've just started having this problem too on my 2002 Malibu. I have found a lot of intermitted turn signal issues, especially for the 2000-01 Malibu, but I am still searching for info on the clicking (turn signal) sound from the dash.

Where is the turn signal flasher on a 1991 Subara Loyale located and what type is it can not find it Turn signal light stays on all the time and will not flash?

Flasher is under the dash, drivers side, follow the clicking sound the signal makes when turned on. That sound comes from the flasher. If signal is staying on it could be you have a bulb or two out. Check your signal lights before replacing the flasher.

Why does your focus make a clicking sound when the key is turned but the enginedoesnt turn over?

Bad Battery: the clicking is the starter solenoid relay making contact but the battery is not putting out enough amps to turn the starter

1995 Pontiac Transport is making a clicking sound and blowing warm air when air conditioning is turned on Clicking sound goes away when you turn air condition off Why is this happening?

low on freon. have an a/c check. most likely there is a leak in the system due to the age of the vehicle.

On a 2002 Malibu there is clicking sound in the dash board and once in a while you don't have turn signal?

== == == == Anyway, that should take care of the clicking. It worked for me. == ==

Where is the turn signal relay on a 1999 Mitsubishi eclipse?

It is behind the radio. So you will need to take out your center console and radio to get to it. It should be a little black box. If your turn signal still make a clicking sound, you can put your ear near it and hear the clicking sound.

Your 1998 Honda Accord is making a steady ticking noise that sounds like the clicking of a computer mouse and coming from near steering wheel Noise slows down to normal turn signal sound when signal o?

cv joint problem.

Where is the turn signal flasher 1991 grand prix?

Under the dash on the drivers side; Turn on the turn signal (if it works) and follow the clicking sound.

When you start your computer you hear a clicking you can hear a clicking sound and then it wont start up?

I actually had this problem with my first xbox. It turned out to be the hard drive.

Why is your pet mouse making a clicking sound?

it is eating the food it stored in its pouches..

Why is your computer power light blink and making a clicking sound?

ask your mom

When key is turned you hear a clicking sound?

A clicking sound, when trying to start the engine, indicates a dead battery or poor (dirty) battery or starter relay connections.The clicking sound is the starter relay(soleniod) not getting enough power to hold it's contact points together.

What would be wrong with a Honda XR80R 1997 if it was making a clicking sound?

Check the oil first, if oil is low it will run good but just have a constant clicking sound on idle.

Why is your BCM making a clicking noise?

A bad resistor can cause your BCM to make a clicking sound. The clicking noise can be caused by the relays and replacing the BCM will fix the problem.

Your car makes a clicking sound on the front end as you turn right or left?

press the turning signal idiot

When Aircondtioner is turned on there is a clicking sound in my 2002 Impala. Clicking stops but aircondtioner quits blowing cold air.?

The clicking sound is your a/c unit trying to engage. I would have freon pressure checked first, if not, a/c unit may be bad

Why is your 98 passat making a clicking sound from the front right when you turn and now has started clicking while coasting?

Look at the half shaft.

Why wont my traxxas slash move forward or backward without making a clicking sound?

because the gears are clicking on each other when they spin.

What causes a clicking noise in the shifting lever?

That is the neutral safety switch making the click sound.

Fuse box diagram for a 2000 Lincoln town car?

I have a clicking sound like the turn signal Is on and its not hit the breaks and the sound stops what is it this is on a 2000 Lincoln towncar