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Is it? How do you know what it looks like INSIDE? Maybe it's just you.

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โˆ™ 2006-08-23 21:29:50
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Q: Why is your vagina a dark color inside?
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What is a normal color of a woman's vagina?

the inside is pink.

What is the normal color of a vagina?

The inside is pink. The outside his her normal skin color

Is all Indian ladies vagina colour is black or dark in colour whether they are fair or dark in colour?

no its not compulsory but most of the time its dark color

What color is the inside of a dark chocolate milky way?


Why would inside of mouth or lips discolor dark purple color?

The inside of the mouth or lips might discolor a dark purple color if the person is eating a dark colored candy. This may also happen if a person is eating blackberries or blueberries.

Where do you find the vagina when you are inside a woman?

AnswerYou have found the vagina if you are inside the woman.

Does a womans vagina have 2 lumps inside?

does a woman vagina have two lumps on the inside

Can sperm swim from outside of the vagina to the inside?

No, sperm can only swim inside the vagina.

How do you complete level 9 on 100 Floors?

You match the rings with the bolts. Look carefully at the bolts, there is an inside and outside color... dark or light. If the bolt in the corresponding color is dark on the inside and dark on the outside, then tap the ring on the door until it looks the same as the bolt. Do this with all four bolt-ring combinations, and the doors will open. Just in case it is hard to tell: Upper left bolt is Dark-inside, Dark outside Upper right is Light-inside, Light outside Lower left is Light-inside, Dark outside Lower Right is Dark-inside, Light outside.

How does the color of a car effect the inside temperature?

dark colours draw sunlight/heat

Is it possible a flea can go inside your vagina and bites to make an itchy bite inside the vagina?

No, fleas can't live inside the vagina because there isn't enough oxygen and the PH level of the vagina is deadly to them.

What is a grundle?

It is the inside of a vagina.

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