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Why is your vauxhall astra mk4 1.4 ecotec 16v misfiring?


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2009-12-28 16:46:02
2009-12-28 16:46:02

check spark plugs and coil pack

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35mpg 1.6 16v astra 98-2005 also depends on condition of car

Could be a variety of causes Cam angle sensor to thermostat

my mk3 astra 2.0l 16v red top is over fueling when turning over.

can u plz tell me the head cylinder tightening torues and also the camshaft tichtening torques on 1.6 16v vectra 2009 thanx n also do i need 2 replace the old headbolts

If you can't see it on the fuel rail,then it's in the tank with the pump.

Depends on the engine. There are a number of 2 litre units (2.0 8v, 2.0 16v 'redtop', 2.0 16v ecotec etc). The best of the lot is the 2.0 16v 'redtop' (C20XE) This produces 150bhp and is a fantastic engine for easy tuning. All the other 2.0 engines will be lower than this, the 2.0 8v been the least.

65 + 30° + 15° 6) you should use new bolts and locking compound

General Motors recommended 10w40 synth or semi when the car was built. They then chaged to 5w30. Either should be fine.

The Vauxhall Astra Hatchback 2.0i 16V GSI Turbo produces 197 brake horsepower. It was manufactured between 2002 and 2004. It has a 1998cc engine and travels from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 7 seconds.

fuse number vauxhall corsa 1.2 2005

Crank sensor is best viewed from under car,its above offside drive shaft and a pain to get to,held in with 1 torx bolt

It is important to keep the spark plug gap in mind when changing the spark plugs of a car. The gap for this car is .051 to .055 inches.

It will need to go on a diagnostic machine to have the codes re set, and any faults would need to be corrected before the light would extinguish

The Astra Sri had a few different generations or models. Each came with a stronger engine. The first model had 82 bhp for the 16V. The later models had a range of 124bhp to 134 bhp.

3.25 litres of 10/30 or 10/40 semi sympathetic, unless your in a country where outside temp regularly drops below - 20c, in which case you need 5/30 semi.

its 80,000 miles on the 1.7cdti (isuzu)engine.It might be 80,000 on the 1.7cdti Fiat engine but the 1.7dti is Isuzu and chain driven - should never need changing!

ive just got one for a 1.4 16v and it cost me £20.00 but i was quoted £28.00 from another place

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