Why isn't Google Earth working?

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Google Earth is a software application, and like most software it can stop working by freezing or crashing. Why a particular instance of Google Earth stops working depends on a number of things including the OS platform (e.g. Windows), version of Google Earth (7.1.1, 6.2.2, etc), type of hardware/drivers, etc.

Google provides help on how to troubleshoot the common problems of Google Earth on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. Visit a help center web site or click "Help" in Google Earth Help menu.
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How does Google Earth work?

Google Earth has tools you could use. You can type in an address and see the actual place, or you can search the world yourself by spinning the globe and zooming into location

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Can Google Earth work on Windows 7?

Yes, Google Earth supports Windows 7 in addition to Macintosh and Linux systems. For full system requirements (minimum and recommended configurations) see related links.

Why doesn't Google Earth download work sometimes?

Sometimes the web scripting on the Google Earth download page doesn't work right. Doesn't always work for all web browsers or simply JavaScript could be restricted or disabled

How does Google Earth work and how does it help people?

Google Earth provides access to vast amounts of global satellite,aerial and street-level imagery that Google makes available to thepublic through high-end enterprise-grade dat

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What does Google describes Google Earth as?

Google describes Google Earth as a tool " allowing you to travel the world through a virtual globe and view satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D buildings, and much more. "

Why has Google Earth stop working on this computer?

Google Earth like any software application sometimes fails to work. In many cases you can simply reboot the computer, re-install Google Earth or clear the local disk cache use

Does Google Earth work on Windows 8?

Some users have had success running Google Earth on Windows 8,but others have had some issues. . One primary issue is the standard download page fails to detectWindows 8 corr

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