Why isn't anime popular in America and why aren't regular cartoons popular in Japan?

Both styles of cartoons we see these days were developed around and after World War 2.


"When World War II ended, the United States culture was introduced into Japan again. Osamu Tezuka was influenced by Fleischer Studios and Walt Disney's styles, and developed the cartoon to Manga."

"Tezuka also adopted Disney-like facial features where a character's eyes, mouth, eyebrows and nose are drawn in a very exaggerated manner to add more distinct characterization with fewer lines, which made his work popular. "

If the Japanese Cartoons are satisfying cultural needs and expressing local customs and ideas, there would be no market for other types of Western representations, especially seeing that the styles are related.

Oh, but anime is popular in the US

Dragonball z, naruto, and one piece are pretty big here, especially kingdom hearts, as kingdom hearts has released a manga recently. Manga is a Japanese graphic novel and manga and anime are often intertwined.

Also, the Japanese artists have curbed a lot of their styles to compensate for us, as we don't look like them as much as their anime looks Asian, so they are altering their anime characters to be a little less Asian and more generic, to get more publicity and a wider audience for their manga and anime, which often blends into video games too, espeically role playing games, like final fantasy, who have also made changes sometimes to have their characters look a little less oriental too.

Anime is popular in America

Look no further than Pokemon to know that anime is popular in the U.S. But examining the enourmous U.S. fanbase of anime like Naruto and Death Note reveals that not only is it popular; its a daily word.

Anime, you hear it everywhere!

You must hear the word among internet goers and youtubers, for anime is very popular! There is even a few channels that broadcast anime such as Adult swim(aka cartoonnnetwork at night) and youtube is full of anime music videos and Japanese music! Even Veoh plays almost all the anime you can find! They are subbed or dubbed! You can find it everywhere! Me and my friends chat about it all the time. The reason japan hardly watches our cartoons is because ours is less interesting! Cartoon Network is starting to air new animes especailly dubbed. Pokemon, Digimon, and Yu-Gi-Oh have been playing in the us since they started...i think. So there you have it simple and clean!

Non-anime cartoons are popular in Japan

In addition to their own anime, Japan gets plenty of foreign animation as well and much of it is very popular, from Nicktoons to Charlie Brown to The Simpsons. Japan also has a long-running fondness for Disney animation, and Disney characters are often seen on t-shirts, hats, cel-phone charms, etc... perhaps even more commonly than in the US. Recently, some American companies have decided to produce sequels to their animated properties specifically for the Japanese market, with the biggest examples being Powerpuff Girls Z and Disney's Stitch!, a TV anime based on Lilo & Stitch.