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Q: Why isn't my honey locust budding on the top of the tree?
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What is the venation of a Honey locust tree?

what is the venation of a honey locust tree

Do locust trees have any berries?

Berries from the locust tree may be the sweet edible pods of the honey locust trees. Another type of locust tree is the black locust tree which is highly toxic but good for making honey.

Is a honey locust a deciduous or coniferous?

The honey locust is a deciduous tree, as can be seen from the form of its leaves.

What is life span of honey locust tree?

The average lifespan of the honey locust is 125 years.

Are honey locust leaves alternate or opposite?

The leaves of a honey locust tree are alternate, arranged in a zig-zag pattern on the stem. Honey locust leaves are long and narrow in shape and have smooth edges and surface.

Is the honey locust tree deciduous?

Yes. Honey locust trees have small, pinnately compound leaflets that turn yellow in fall and drop to the ground. The 'stems' that the leaflets are on often stay on the tree longer though.

What is the scientific name for Honey Locust Tree?

The name would be Gleditsia triacanthos.

What is the life expectancy of the sunburst locust tree?

The life expectancy of the sunburst locust tree is 120-years, although some have lived up to 150-years.The Sunburst Honey Locust is an ideal specimen tree, with brilliant foliage during the spring and fall seasons.

What tree with thorns is native to Arkansas and bears a small citrus fruit?

Honey locust or thorny locust, depending on the number of thorns. The thorny locust has thorns covering the trunk, while the honey locust has fewer thorns. They have small, multiple oval leaves off each leave branch.

Why are the leaves yellow on your honey locust tree?

Honey locust leaves are normally green. However, they turn yellow for several reasons. One is that they are simply new leaves that have not yet gotten their green coloring. Two is that they turn yellow in fall, and are about to drop off the tree.

Could it be that the crown of thorns came from the Honey Locust tree that John the Baptist ate from?


What kind of tree has very large thorns on trunk and is a flowing tree?

Might be the honey locust tree. We have them all over here in WV.

Is a honey locust tree type broadleaf needle leaf or scale leaf?

scale leaf

What is the Genus Species name for a Honey Locust tree?

Honey locust's scientific, Latin name is Gleditsia G. triacanthos. There is also at least one sub-species, including the thorn-less G. t. inermis. Honey locusts are part of the family Fabaceae.

What is the growth on the bark of the sunburst honey locust tree?

there is only three people that nows a geek a beg friend and my famalam who is a dwarf

What to do if you get stuck by a locust tree thorn?

If you get stuck by a locust tree thorn, you should see a doctor. This is because some locust tree thorns carry toxins.

Can the Honey Locust tree be planted in a pot instead of the ground?

Only if it is a very small tree. Honey locusts have large tap roots, and will not tolerate being in a pot for long. There may however be a way to prune the tap root, but that's a subject for an expert arborist.

Is a locust tree poisonous?

The Black Locust is.

Why is sap leaking from skyline honey locust tree?

It may be insects which bore into the tree. The University of Wisconson has a PDF file which may answer your questions about how to handle the pests.

What type of tree has thorns on its trunk?

Chorisia speciosa or Floss-Silk tree Robinia pseudoacacia, Black Locust Gleditsia triacanthos, Honey locust Acacia tortilis, Umbrella Thorn tree Acacia greggii, Catclaw Acacia Bombacopsis quinatum, Pochote tree ------------------------------------------ A thorny trunked tree a cactus

How do you prevent pods on locust trees?

How to prevent pods on a locust tree

Can you tell the difference between a female and male locust tree?

yes a female tree bears locust and a male doesnt

Can you list four deciduous trees that live in the temperate area?

Magnolia, sassafras,maple,birch,walnut,tulip tree,hickory,dogwood,ash,cherry,willow,honey locust

Did John the Baptist eat from the pods of the honey locust tree?

No, he didn't. In Matthew it is pretty clear: "His food was locusts and wild honey." His food was not honeylocust. Besides, the honeylocust is native to eastern North America - John the Baptist lived on the wrong continent to eat it.

What is Green locust scientific name?

The Green Locust is a species of tree that grows in North America. Its Scientific name is the Robinia Pseudoacacia. It is also commonly known as Black Locust, False Acacia, Green Locust, Locust, Post Locust, Shipmast Locust, White Locust and Yellow Locust.