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Bad spark plugs can cause a mini chopper to not get a spark. Another common cause is a bad ignition switch.

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Q: Why isn't your mini chopper getting spark?
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Why are you not getting spark on your sons mini bike?

Need spark plugs

43cc mini chopper wiring diagram?

wiring diagram for mini chopper?

Can i drive a mini chopper on the freeway?

A mini chopper can be driven on the freeway as long as it is considered legal. The mini chopper will need to have a title, license plate and need to be inspected by the DMV.

What is the weight of a mini chopper?

A 200cc mini chopper would usually way about 250-300lbs

Are mini chopper legal?

Are mini chopper legal in California

Where can you get parts for a 49cc mini chopper?

id like a diagram of pull cored to a 49cc mini chopper

Free Electra 43cc Mini Chopper manual?

what is the sequence to start electra 43cc mini chopper

American mini chopper with a peace motor on it where can it be found?

parts for mini chopper petrol tank outlet and hose

If you take the wiring harness off a mini chopper which wires from the flywheel do you connect to the coil to get the spark plug going?

I think you have to run through the cdi and the reflector & passably a regulator? MY QUESTION IS !!Does anyone just have the dam wiring diagram 4 the mini chopper 110cc with kicker & electric start????

I don't get spark anymore I cleaned the mag and flywheel what is the wiring of a 49 cc mag on a mini chopper and where are the points Behind the flywheel?

u can try cleening the spark plug. or if your too lazy to do that get a new one

Why will your mini chopper dragonfly not start?

because it was afraid of the Big Chopper?

If the motor of a mini-chopper is stamped 495cc but the seller says it is 110cc and all bikes from China are stamped this way is it true?

your chopper is probally a 49.5 cc chopper because there is no 495cc engine on a mini chopper it would be on a real chopper and would be a 500cc engine with 2 cylinders.

How much is a mini chopper?


Can you register a mini chopper in new zealand?


Who got their 200cc mini chopper registered in the bay area and how did you do it and was it the 200cc dragon chopper?

it like a percent like this % 908

How old do you have to be to ride a mini chopper in neighborhood streets?


How can you start a 43cc mini chopper whitout a key?

hotwire it

How old do you have to be to ride a mini chopper on any street?


Fuel mixture for mini chopper?

40:1 40 parts being gas. I have a 49cc mini bike.

Can you fix a pull start on an APC gas powered mini chopper?


How old do you have to be to drive a mini chopper in Michigan?

14 years old

How fast is the razor chopper mini?

about 15 mph at top speed

Where can mini choppers be purchased?

There are a number of places where mini chopper bikes can be purchased. These include but are not limited to Mini Pocket Rockets, BMI Karts and Scooter Depot.

What do you need to drive a 125cc Mini chopper in Florida?

In the state of Florida, a mini chopper is legal if it is capable of doing the minimum speed limit on the street. You must also register it, get insurance on it and take the MSF BRC and ARC classes.

How fast should a 4 stroke mini chopper go?

20 mph