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Sorry, BUT A PANDA IS A BEAR. It has the body of a carnivor-like animal, but eats plants, bamboo.

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How can a panda bear live?

a panda bear can live in CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!a panda bear can live in CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is a panda bear a carnivore?

a panda bear is a herbivore

Is the Red Panda a bear?

no the red panda is not a bear

Is a giant panda is the same as a panda bear?

Yes, the giant panda is also known as a panda bear.

Who would win in a fight a polar bear or a panda bear?

A panda bear.

Which restaurant has a panda bear logo?

Panda Express uses a panda bear logo

Is a panda a real bear?

yes the panda is a bear the Koala is not.

What is the name of a baby panda bear?

panda bear cub

Why is the red panda called a panda even though its not a panda?

idk, why is the panda bear called a panda bear it it's not a bear? The person who first saw 'red panda' thought it looked liked a panda and therefore called it a panda!

Is the red panda part of the bear family?

no, just as a panda "bear" is not actually a bear. The red panda and great panda however are relatives of the same family.

What is the body shape of the panda bear?

The body shape of a Panda bear is rather round. The Panda bear is formed in the shape of an oval.

Pictures of a giant panda bear environment?

The giant panda bear

What kingdom is a panda bear?

The Kingdom of Panda bear is Animalia (Metazoa).

What is 'panda bear' when translated from English to Italian?

"Panda bear" in English is orso panda.

Is a panda a bear?

yes that would fit the term panda bear because it says "panda bear",come on guys its so common.

Panda bear environment?

the panda bear enviroment is in the mountains of western china

How many teeth does a panda bear have?

A giant panda bear has 42 teeth.

Is a panda bear found in Japan?

No, the panda bear lives in China, not Japan.

To what family does a panda bear belong?

the panda bear belongs to the Ursidae family

Why is the giant panda called a bear if it is more related to the red panda?

The Giant Panda is called a bear because it is not more related to the Red Panda, it is more related to the brown bear.

Is it true that a panda is not really a bear but rather a relative of the raccoon?

No, a giant panda is a bear but the red panda is related to the raccoon.

Should both Panda Bear be capitalized?

it should not be panda bear is not a proper noun.

What species is a panda?

a panda is a panda. it is also in the bear specie group

Is the panda bear the biggest bear?

The polar bear is the biggest bear.

Is a panda bear endangered?

The Panda Bear is on the list among endangered animals. The Panda has about 1,600 bears in the wild, and about 300 in zoos.