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what type of engine do you have in your 240 maybe your mass air flow sensor isnt working and youre running too rich

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Why is your 1998 Chevy z71 starting but then turning right off for?

check the battery or battery cables or the alternator or starter

What are the symptoms of the starter or alternator going bad in you car?

If the starter motor is not turning the engine over correctly, this might be because the vehicle battery is flat. If the battery is not charged, this may be because the alternator is not charging correctly. The recommendation here is to pop along to a local garage or autelectrician asking them to check the charge of the battery, the alternator output, and the starter motor operation if necessary.

Would a weak battery be the cause of a hesitation when turning on ignition?

Could be. But it might be an alternator problem instead of a batery problem. You need a good alternator to keep the bttery recharged. I wouldn't run out and buy a battery without getting the alternator checked.


Can be a dead battery, defective starter, loose or corroded battery connection, or blown main fuse. If nothing comes on when you turn on the ignition switch and your interior lights are not working it is not the starter.

Why does your Audi A4 3.0 v6 not start when you've have your battery and alternator checked and both are fine?

So many things could be wrong and cause it to not start, but from what you have provided the next step would be to trace the cables to the starter and see if they are corroded or broken, you didn't mention if the car was turning over or not, so I assume it isnt, so if the battery has power, and the alternator isn't the cause then you need to follow the power, it goes from the battery to the ignition, then to the starter, since we know the battery is good, check to see if power is getting to the starter, if not trace the problem in between those two points.

Why is a good starting engine now not starting on the first turn Sounds like it stops while turning over 2004 Taurus?

The first place I'd start would be the battery, alternator and starter. Verify that the battery is good and that the alternator is fully charging it, and that the starter isn't drawing too much current.

What belt run the battery on a Ford Explorer?

The belt turning the alternator which is recharging the battery.

How do you tell if your starter is going bad on a Honda Accord?

When your car isn't starting the car you can't hear it while turning on the ignition. You're gonna have to check the battery and alternator as well before replacing a starter.

Why Ford truck does not start after turning off engine?

The starter could be bad. Or the battery. The starter could be bad. Or the battery.

What is the clicking sound on my 1995 ford pickup starter?

I'm guessing it clicks but won't start? If that's the case its the starter drive going out to engage the flywheel but the starter motor is not turning. Probably needs a starter but you should check to make sure there is correct voltage in system (battery & alternator is o/k) and that the wiring is also o/k to the starter & at the battery.

When turning the key it turns but won't start the vehicle not the battery starter fuel filter alternator etc any ideas about the ignition?

Spark to cylinder (at random)? If yes... How is the timing?

Why is your car dragging when turning over?

Your timing could be off, Your starter could be going bad, or you could have a low battery.The battery is the simplest to start with. You could go to Auto Zone and they will check your battery for you. Also talk to them about your starter and your timing. Low battery, faulty alternator, worn stater, corroded connection

Why Acura Integra will not start and alternator clicks when turning key?

I seriously doubt that it's the alternator that's doing the clicking. Most likely it's the starter. Check the battery, a discharged battery can cause that problem. Have the battery charged then start the vehicle and drive it to a shop that can check the charging system. Many auto parts retailers will test the charging system for you.

How do you get the alternator to turn over?

The alternator is run by a belt connected to the engine. When the engine is running the alternator is turning. The alternator is what produces the electrical current that charges the battery & powers everything electrical while the engine is running. the battery is mainly to start the engine.

Makes Ticking noise when turning the ignition?

Usually insuffucine power to starter caused by bad or undercharged battery. Try jumping it. You might need a battery or alternator. A bad starter can also do this. Many parts store can test for free and all repair shops can test for you but might charge a few dollars.

Why won't a 2004 ford explorer start the battery is fine the lights work there is no noise when turning the key on.?

Defective starter solenoid. It's the key or ignition or both I speak from experience I had the EXACT problem.I checked the battery,the starter,silinoid,starter relay and nothing.Everything was still good.I took it to a ford dealer and had my key replacedand vehicle reprogramed.It worked

95 Olds Achieva No power to starter Only thing working is headlights and interior lights by turning on manually?

Check the fuses...look for the biggest (highest amperage) fuse in the fusebox. If that's not it then you have a bad connection/wire in the starter/battery/alternator harness.

Would bad alternator cause a 1992 Toyota Corolla not to start?

Yes, bad alternator drains the battery and would not have enough power to start the car. It could be a bad starter, distributor and rotor cap, if only you don't heard the car engine turning.

Can a car's alternator charge the battery while the car is not running?

No. The alternator has to be turning to produce the charging voltage. It only turns when the engine is running.

Why wont my 99 Ford Contour start if battery and alternator test fine but battery light comes on and EVERY light in the car slowly dies down followed by car turning off?

If alternator and battery test fine- then you may have a bad fusable link not allowing the alternator to charge the battery

What is wrong with your car if the electricity turns on but the engine does not turn over?

The mechanical connections that supply electrical current to your starter are subject to corrosion due to electrolysis, and thus loosening of the connections, which is the most likely culprit here. Inspect, clean, and tighten all connections from battery to starter, and from alternator to battery once a quarter for best results. It is also likely that although your electricity appears to be on, as you have some lights, any load put on the system will reveal that your battery is almost fully discharged; try honking the horn, or turning on the headlights to test this, and suspect alternator to battery connections before troubleshooting for a bad battery and alternator.

An engine cranks slowly when the starter is activated Technician A says the starter circuit should be checked Technician B says the engine timing should be checked Who is correct?

a, the battery condition should be checked first to make sure that its capable of turning over the starter, a weak battery will cause the majority of starter problems, if the battery is fine then its more than likley to be a problem with the actual starter or poor connections on the starter, i have only ever had 1 with a wiring problem, as for the timing out it will not cause slow cranking unless its well out causing piston to valve contact this is only possible if the belt has slipped or it was timed up wrong on refitting a new belt so b is highley unlikley but not impossable. Checking the timing went away with the distributor.

Your 1998 sidekick keeps turning off has new alternator and batterie what is wronge?

have you considered checking or changing the following: 1. Maybe the connection of the battery terminal is grounded 2. Maybe the connection in the alternator is grounded 3. check the fuses inside the fuse box and the fuses near the battery 4. how about the sparkplugs have you checked it I hope this helps

Anyone know why the engine diagnosis lamp on a Peugeot 405 stays on and starter motor seems to have trouble turning the engine initially but eventually does and starter motor recently changed?

i would hazzard a guess at the lamp stays on due to the fault not being taken out of its memory, if the problem has been fixed you need to clear its memory, as for the starter motor problem i had this and it was down to cranking power the starter motor demands so much in the begining and if your alternator is not charging you battery proply that could you problem, you can get this checked at any local garage

Why wont the engine crank over on a 1994 Chevrolet s-10?

That's insufficient information. In general, "crank over" means that the starter is not turning the engine when you put the keyswitch to the "start" position. The starter can fail to engage because of a failed starter, solenoid, keyswitch, neutral lockout switch, faulty battery, failed alternator or just about anything that would drain the battery.