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Becuase he doesnt have time for something that he doesnt have to do anything of that...he has better things to worry about

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โˆ™ 2012-05-14 17:44:14
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Q: Why isn't the president doing anything about illegal immigrants?
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Is immigration illegal in the US?

No. Illegal immigrants refers to people who come into the country without doing it the legal way.

Is Skateboarding illegal in private parking garages?

doing anything in a private place is illegal

Why doesn't us let illegal imagrents come to us?

Because it is ILLEGAL. If immigrants want to live in the US, they need to go through the LEGAL methods of doing so.

Is it illegal to copy music from a CD?

no it is not illegal. as long as you are not doing anything other that putting it on your computer and then putting it on an mp3 or ipod/etc

What is your opinion on immigration?

in my opinion i think that immigrants should be allowed in our country because there not doing anything wrong what do you think?

Can a police officer pull you over for having a suspended licence even though you werent doing anything illegal to get pulled over?

Yes. Driving while suspended is obviously 'doing something illegal'.

Is it illegal for parents and their children to live in a one bedroom home?

No it is not. Not unless they are doing anything that will harm their child.

Is it illegal to videotape someone doing drugs in their home?

It is illegal to video anything in someone's home without their knowledge and permission, unless you have court authority, such as with a warrant.

What happpens if you get caught traveling to cuba from Mexico?

If you are doing it legally then nothing. If it is illegal entry then anything from a fine to imprisonment.

How can I be completely successful in life without actually doing anything?

Only by illegal means or having someone else do it for you.

What is the oath of sportsmanship?

The oath is to never take any illegal ability-enhancing drugs as well as never doing anything illegal or hurtful to any other player.

What does INS of Costa Rica aim to do?

The INS is the Immigration and Naturalization Service. They make sure illegal immigrants are doing what they are supposed to be doing in the country they are currently living in. Making sure they have a job and are being upstanding citizens.

How do you get suspended from the NFL?

From abusing someone or doing something illegal 1. breaking the law 2.using your helmet for a weapon 3.doing anything not allowed in the nfl

How many vin numbers are on a Ford Expedition?

Check this website; I hope you're not doing anything illegal.

What are the ways to protect the different landforms in the Philippines?

By not cutting trees or not doing anything illegal. Try not to pollute our air, land and water.

Can the police arrest you for doing tattoos?

If whatever you're doing is illegal in your locality, yes. If it isn't illegal, no.

Did Eisenhower start the Korean war?

I have no knowlege of Eisenhower doing anything to start the war, but he was elected President in 1952, and he was President when the war ended in 1953.

What is a word for doing something you should not be doing?


What are illegal interview questions?

Questions about your plans to have children, race, sexual orientation etc would all be illegal - basically anything that it is not a relevant question to figure out if someone would be good at doing the job or not.

Where are all the vin numbers located on a ford expedition?

Check this website... I hope you're not doing anything illegal

What are the importance of media criticism?

It brings wrongdoing of companies to the public light and deters them from doing anything sneaky or illegal without people knowing.

What are people doing to save the pandas?

People are trying to save pandas by trying to make the US president to make it illegal to kill them but i'm not sure if that will work because they are being killed in china and he is the US President not the China President.

Why prices are higher in an illegal secondary market?

There is always some risk involved in doing anything that is illegal, and if there is no profit motive, people have no reason to take the risk of selling things in an illegal secondary market, they'll limit themselves to the legal primary market.

What should you do about illegal immigrants?

If they can provide proof of work or a job offer, we should give them visas. They are benefiting our economy if they are working (and of course buying our goods). Visas can be renewed, but after they expire the immigrants must return home. This way, we keep up our reputation of being somewhat humanitarian, but we make sure that the immigrants are not just doing nothing and costing us money.

Can you take abilify and Effexor and meth and Klonopin?

Don't recomend it. At least not meth and klonopin, Don't take to much. Avoid doing anything illegal.