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If your Geo is like mine (a 1997 Metro) there is no fuse for the horn. There is a relay located on the top of the fuse box, it is the second one back from the firewall. To locate it put your hand above the fuse box, push the horn button and you will hear and feel a clicking sound. If you hear and feel the click the relay needs to be replaced. They simply unplug like a fuse.

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What would cause theFans not to come on 98 cadillac?

fan relay or fuses not working properly, probly the relay, you can straight witre it to find out

Where do I start working on my 95 Chevy Camaro that has a horn not working?

it could be the horn relay fuse located in the engine department with the other fuses.

WHere is the relay fuse located on a 96 neon?

the relay fuses are in the engine compartment on driver side with the mini fuses

Why does the fan relay switch on a 97 Camaro blow fuses?

Possibly an internal short on the fan itself, try replacing the fan.

What do you do when both fans stop working in a 1995 Monte Carlo?

if both fans quit working, it could be as simple as the relay fuse going out. have your mechanic check these fuses.

95 eldorado blower not working?

Check to see if you are getting power to motorIf so motor is defectiveIf not check fuses and relay

Why is your Blinkers Not Working on your 1991 Plymouth Sundance?

All Bulbs were replaced. fuses all checked, relay switch new and flasher, Also when the relay switch is in it gets really hot. Any suggestions

Heater fan not working on fiat brava?

Start by checking the fuses, then the fan relay. If they are ok, then check the switch, the fan resister and the blower motor.

How do you repair non working blinkers on 1998 mercury Sable?

You have to diagnose the system to determine the cause. Check the fuses, the bulbs, the flasher relay then the switch.

Where is headlight relay on citroen xantia?

there isn't a relay on xantias, the power goes batery to fuses then to stalk and splits then back to fuses then headlights, hope that helps

What are the fuses for on the firewalll of 1996 s10?

There are no fuses on the firewall to my knowledge but there is at least two relays, one is the AC compressor clutch relay and the other is the starter relay.

Cooling fan not working on 1995 Mitsubishi montero is there a relay or any way to check it?

Check to see if it is getting power - if so could be bad fan motor - if not check fuses, relay, and temp sensor

How do you fix your car if the turn signals stop working?

Check for blown fuses. If the fuses are good, check the relay, usually in a box under the hood. You may need a volt meter, and possibly a 9 volt battery to do this.

Why aren't your headlights working on your 1982 380sl When my battery blew up my headlights went off. I changed the battery and fuses however the headlights still are not working why?

The circuit is simple .... headlamp bulbs to relay to fuses to switch .... ttroubleshoot those items and you'll find the glitch

Why are the turn signals and hazard lights not working on a 1992 S10 Blazer fuses are okay?

Check your relay switches that should be located near the fuse box.

Where is the ac fuse located on a 1986 4runner?

Remove Glove Box. Fuses are located between fan housing and heater box. there are two fuses and a relay. Remove Glove Box. Fuses are located between fan housing and heater box. there are two fuses and a relay.

How do you replace a headlight relay in a 2003 jetta tdi?

Begin by replacing the compliment fuses to relay. Fuses 85,86, and 30 should be replaced. If problems do mot subside have a diagnostic.

Your horn stopped working fuses all good any idea where the relay is on a 2003 Expedition?

it should be under the hood, there should be a black relay box .maybe long and thin near the the battery .or on one of the fender walls , and the cover should tell you which relay it is,k....

Where is the relay switch located for wipers in a 1996 Saturn SL as the fuses are good?

the relay is part of the wiper motor assembly. if the fuses are good, and there is voltage at the motor, then you must replace the motor

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