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You could've deleted it in 'customize avatar'

Other than that. I have no idea.

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How do you put on cloths on gaia online?

Go to the category "My Gaia," then click on "Avatar." You will then be taken to where you can customize your avatar with the clothing you have.

How do you delete a gaia avatar?

Go to My Gaia> Account settingsUnder avatar gender you see a little tekst with "deleting your avatar" Greetz from Gaian's xMeloco

How do you edit a gaia avatar?

Clicking the Avatar itself will take you to the editing page of your Avatar.

What is the URL to delete your gaia avatar?

Log into Gaia Online. Hover over MY GAIA and then go to ACCOUNT SETTINGS. Scroll down until you see AVATAR GENDER. Then in the paragragh, you will see DELETING YOUR AVATAR which is in blue with an underline. Click on that.

How do you recreate a gaia avatar?

Under the 'My Gaia' tab, find and click on the 'Account Settings' link. Once you have clicked that, find where it says 'Avatar Gender:' on the left hand side. Read the small print under it and it will give you a link to delete/recreate your Gaia Avatar.

What is an online profile?

A place where you can show yourself off and see what your avatar has. You can also edit it by showing of your pictures, aquarium, house and let them comment. (this answer is only for gaia online)

How do you make your dream avatar your gaia avatar?

You have to get the items on the item list.

How do you equip a fishing rod to your avatar on gaia the online game?

you can not equip a fishing rod to your avatar its not possible

How do you make dream avatars on gaia online?

you go on dream gaia avatar (at, and once u create your dream avatar=you go on acount setting and press about me and u copy the code on ur dream avatar and paste it on your about me thing and your done=

How do you get your avatar url on gaia?

i don't know can't remember but try asking on gaia i have a gaia account if you wan't to know its dratal98 (if there are hackers reading this screw off)

Is Miley Cyrus in avatar the movie?

Nope she isnt!!=D

Do you keep your items when you delete your gaia avatar?

Yes, You keep all your items.

How can you get good arena votes on gaia online?

Enter an original and amazing avatar.

How do you change your mouth on gaia?

there's a icon below your avatar when you go to dress up.

Can you give me some avatar chat games for free with no download?

Gaia online is one...

How tall is Ty lee from Avatar?

she isnt even tall at all sorry.

Do all the theaters show Avatar in 3D?

No , some theaters are showing "Avatar" only in 2D .

In theaters what formats is 'Avatar' showing in?

James Cameron's Avatar is currently out in 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D formats.

How do you get a different face on gaia?

Buy buying a skin potion,or by going to my avatar and clicking on the face box on the bottom of ure avatar!! Buy buying a skin potion,or by going to my avatar and clicking on the face box on the bottom of ure avatar!!

How do you change out your hair once you bought different styles of it on gaia?

Once you buy a hairstyle, it should automatically appear of your Gaia avatar. If that does not work then go into your inventory and equip it.

How do you activate your Email?

Technically, the "email" on gaia isn't your real email, but your "gaia mail". on the same page where you edit your avatar, next to it, on the right, is email. Its not your actual email ;)

What does gaia do?

gaia is a hang out place where you can chat with friends and make you avatar rich if you want to get gold you need to post forms,profiles,rate peoples avi and yea

How do you make your avatar naked on gaiaonline?

There is a glitch on Gaia that allows you to have your avatar naked. I'm not sure but i think there was a version of it before they made all items unisex...

On gaia how do you reconfigure your avatar?

Gaia subscribers are able to Stream yoga, meditation, and mind-expanding programs that provide a true alternative to mainstream media. Gaia offers a holistic approach to help fuel the daily pursuit of a

What websites have 3D avatar chatting?

These have 3d avatar chatting: habbo ourworld virtualfamilykingdom dizzywood gaia whyville poptropica moshimonster imvu clubcooee zwinky meez