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check to make you have a good battery, if it is good, it probably needs a new starter.

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Q: Why it's not easy to start your car Range rover 4.6 year 1998 It's takes long time for the starter to work like an old man try to stand?
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Car names that start with r?

Renault Rover Range Rover Rolls Royce

Vehicles that start in the letter r?

Range rover

How do you jump start a range rover?

turn the key

What is an average price for a used range rover?

The average price of a used Range Rover would depend on its age, mileage, the state it is in and on the type of the car (Sport, Evoque). For example a Range Rover Evoque prices start at 25,000 pounds and the generic Land Rover from 1998 would start at 500 pounds.

How do iget your fan to start blowing straight away on your range rover?

heater fan only works after about 15 minutes on my 89 plate range rover

When did Range Rover start making wheels for sport use?

Range Rover started making wheels for sport use on November 26, 2006. It was called the Range Rover Sport. However, the company attracted criticism from environmentalists for the development of large, luxury vehicles.

Car brands that start with r?

Some car brands starting with the letter R are : Rover Rolls Royce Renault Range Rover

What Kind of Car that starts with a R?

Rolls Royce and Range Rover are cars. They start with the letter r.

How do you start 2003 range rover?

Put the key in the ignition in front of hand brake next to the gear shifter.

Rover 400battrey put on wrong way cheecked all fuse still will not start?

You might have killed the starter relay. Check it for continuity.

What causes misfires in range rover?

Range Rover Classic EFI will foul spark plugs if you start and stop the engine when cold. All models with 3.5, 3.9, 4.2, 4.0, 4.6 will wear out camshafts and/or blow headgaskets from 150,000km to 200,000km.

Names of cars that start with r?

Range RoverRolls RoyceRabbit (VW)Riveria (Buick)Regal (Buick)

How do you reset the computer to start a 1997 range rover?

unhook the battery wait 10 seconds and hook it back up

Car that start with the letter r?

There are several cars that start with an "R." These cars include Rolls-Royce, Renault, Range Rover, REO, and Reliant Robin.

What does it mean when your car is making a clicking sound but will not start?

it is most likely the starter, the starter will range from $100-200 at autozone, or oriely, i just replaced the starter in my 99 sunfire for the same reason.

What car name start with the letter R?

· Rabbit (VW) · Range Rover · Regal (Buick) · Reliant · Riveria (Buick) · Roadster

What are some cars that start with r?

· Rabbit (VW) · Range Rover (Land Rover) · Regal (Buick) · Reliant (Plymouth) · Renault · Rendezvous (Buick) · Rivera (Buick) · Roadmaster (Buick) · Rolls Royce

What car starts with the letter r?

Cars that start with the letter R:Rabbit (VW)Ranchero (Ford)Range Rover (Land Rover)Ray (Kia)Regal (Buick)Reliant (Plymouth)RenaultRendezvous (Buick)Rezzo (Chevrolet)Rivera (Buick)Roadmaster (Buick)Rodeo (Chevrolet)Rolls RoyceRoyal (Chrysler)Rush (Toyota)

Why does gearbox fault come on screen and hard to start your 1998 range rover 4.0 SE?

lack of available voltage caused by any combination, or all of below: 1. Dead or dying battery. 2. corrosion on the battery terminals 3. poor contact on the positive terminal (either end) that goes to the starter motor 4. dead or dying starter motor

Why wont my 1998 land rover discovery turn over?

Several things can cause your land rover not to turn over. I would start with checking the battery. Is it fully charged? Do you hear a click when you try to start it. If so, could be a weak battery or a faulty starter solenoid. Those two are the most probable.

How do you bump the starter?

how do you start the car by touching the starter

How can you start your truck if starter is out?

Remove and replace the starter.

How much KW range can be use star-delta starter?

The use of a star delta starter is for motor control only and not resistive heating loads. This type of starter is used to dampen the inrush current by using a lower voltage to start the motor.

Why does your rover 414 not start when cold?

Mine does

How do you fit rover 25 thermostat?

where is it to start with.