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When we throw the object upwards we consider that upward direction as positive.

Therefore, the velocity in that direction is positive but the acceleration due to gravity is in the opposite direction and so it is considered negative.

But when the ball comes down again after reaching a certain height the velocity is in opposite direction to the earlier one and so the velocity now is negative as a result the acceleration is again negative.

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The force of attraction between an object and earth is called?

Gravity, or gravitation.Gravity, or gravitation.Gravity, or gravitation.Gravity, or gravitation.

What a force exists between two object that have mass?

That is called gravitation.That is called gravitation.That is called gravitation.That is called gravitation.

Why does an object seem lighter in the water than in air?

Water constantly pushes upwards against an object making it seem lighter.

What is an example of universal gravitation?

The law of Universal Gravitation states that every object in the universe attracts every other object.

If after an object is thrown no other fone and ads on it except gravity What are the vertical and horizontal components of its acceleration vector?

If the object is thrown upwards, the vertical acceleration is negative and the horizontal acceleration is zero.

When object moves upwards what is the velocity and acceleration?

When an object is moving upwards, its velocity is directed upwards. If the object is near the Earth or any other planet, then its acceleration is directed downwards, which also means that its upward velocity is decreasing.

What happens to the gravitational force on an object as the mass increases?

The gravitational force on an object increases as its mass increases. Force of gravitation on an object is directly proportional to its mass. So if the mass of object is doubled then force of gravitation on it also doubles.

How is newtons third law connected to universal gravitation?

Newton's third law states that if an object "A" exerts a force on object "B", then object "B" will exert the same force (but in the opposite direction), on object "A". This applies to gravitation, as well as other forces.

What is positive buoyancy?

It is the force working upwards if it is greater in value than to the gravity force of the floating object that works downwards. if it was less then call it negative buoancy and then the floating object will tend to be unstable (subject to sink)

What are the factors that affect gravitation?

Mass of the first object, mass of the second object, distance between the objects.

What is gravitational force in space?

Same as on Earth. In both cases, you can use the law of gravitation to figure out with how much force an object gets attracted.Same as on Earth. In both cases, you can use the law of gravitation to figure out with how much force an object gets attracted.Same as on Earth. In both cases, you can use the law of gravitation to figure out with how much force an object gets attracted.Same as on Earth. In both cases, you can use the law of gravitation to figure out with how much force an object gets attracted.

What is the importance of law of gravitation?

It is helpful for a object to attain its original position

Is it possible for an object to have acceleration and no velocity?

It's possible for an object to have velocity equals to zero at some moment and to have some acceleration (when you throw a baseball upwards with the gravitation present, the ball reaches its maximum point and then starts to come back at its maximum height its velocity is zero while acceleration equals g).

What is a measure of gravitational force of an object?

meters per second squared (m/s^2) the gravitation acceleration, acquired by experimental values =-9.8m/s^2. negative since its falling

In which direction does a bouyant force act on an object?

Bouyant forces on an object act in the direction where the pressure of the liquid is lower. Usually with the case of a liquid on earth, that direction is against the direction of the gravitational field, ie upwards.

How does it move around the sun?

For object to orbit around the Sun, it required gravitation force from mass of the Sun in balance with centripetal force from velocity of the object. If the gravitation force is too strong then the object would pull down to the sun and if the centripetal force is too great then the object would escape from the orbit.

What is Newton's Law of universal gravitation?

The law of universal gravitation states every object in the universe attracts every other object, the attraction being proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.

Why do space object hit earth?

Because, either we happen to be in it's way, or the object is pulled in by Earths gravitation field.

How fast must an object go to escape Earth's gravitation pull?

An object has to travel in a speed of 25km per second.

Is it possible for the instataneous velocity to have been negative at any time in the interval suppose the particle started at the origin x 0?

Yes. Since velocity is a vector it can have negative values when the object is moving in the direction opposite to the direction defined as the positive direction. For example, if an object is thrown vertically upwards and the upward direction is considered the positive direction, then when the object is falling downwards under gravity, its velocity is negative (in the upward direction). Coversely, if the downward direction is defined as the positive direction, then the object has a negative velocity during the first stage of the trajectory.

How Is Potentional Energy Produced?

It is produced by converting some other type of energy into potential energy. For example, it takes an effort to lift an object up (against the force of gravitation) or to compress a spring.

What kinds of forces can act on an object?

Gravitational force - downwards Normal force - upwards Force of friction - against the direction of motion Applied force - force in the direction of motion

How to find the gravitation of black hole?

Same as for any other type of object: by observing the movement of objects near the black hole. Then, apply the universal law of gravitation.

What does gravatational potential energy mean?

It means that if an object is elevated to a higher position, it has more energy. It takes work to push the object up against Earth's gravitation; this work can be recovered when the object goes down again. While it is up, you can think of energy being saved in the object due to its position. More precisely, the energy is saved in the system Earth-object.

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