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Why itachi kill his clan?

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itachi killed his clan becasue it was an order from the konoha council. (third hokage, and the village elders)

they thought the uchiha clan was planning a plot to destory Konoha and with fugaku, itachi and sasuke's father, being the leader of the clan's police force, he used itachi as a double agent, or coup-de-ot.

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Did the elders really tell Itachi to kill the Uchiha clan?

The Konoha Council and Danzo were the ones who told Itachi to kill the Uchiha clan.

Why does itachi kill the Uchiha clan?

Itachi kills the clan cuz the uchiha clan was planning to go against konoha and they were trying to use itachi as there spy THIS IS THE f**** TRUTH

Why did itachi Uchiha kill his clan?

it was order from konoha ,uchiha was planning war with konoha

What episode does itachi kill his clan?

Itachi kills his clan before the series starts.

Why did itachi kill his whole clan?

to test his abilities

Why do itachi kill his clan?

itachi kills the clan because it was a mission issued out by the ANBU. itachi didn't want to but he was forced. itachi didn't kill sasuke because he wanted to protect sasuke. LOLZ! LRN MORE FROM TasteTheRainbow55! HAGS!

Did itachi really kill the Uchiha clan?

yes, itachi killed all of his clan except sasuke and himself Actually Madara uchiha help itachi kill is whole clan except sasuke and himself. Read mangas they are more accurate then the show.

Does sakura find out the truth about why itachi kill his clan?


Why did itachi kill his clan?

Itachi was ordered by the Hokage to kill his entire clan because he thought the Uchiha clan was a major threat to him. But only Itachi, the Anbu captain that was also involved in some way, and the Hokage knew that. Itachi was going to kill the entire clan, but couldn't bring himself to kill Sasuke as well, because he had a strong bond with him. So Itachi told Sasuke to hate him and to feed off of it, so he could get stronger. Itachi also told Sasuke that if he wanted to get the Mangekyou Sharingan he must kill his best friend. So Itachi ran away, and it is said he cried as he ran. Itachi joined the Akatsuki and waited for the day that Sasuke would come and kill him. Madara later tells Sasuke, after he kills Itachi, that Itachi planned to give him his eyes.

Did Itachi not kill Sasuke because he would feel guilty?

no itachi was ordered by the hokage to kill the uchiha clan but he could not kill his little brother but he beg the hokage to let sasuke live liar itachi would feel guilty of wiping out a whole clan

Does itachi want Sasuke to restore the clan?

No. Itachi just wants Sasuke to kill him. That's all.

What Hokage told itachi to kill his clan?

it was the third hokage- Sarutobi

Are itachi and Sasuke brothers?

Yes they are brothers. but sasuke wants to kill him because itachi murdered thier clan.

What happened with itachi?

Itachi was forced to kill the Uchiha clan to save Konoha, but he spared Sasuke because he loved him.

Did anyone help itachi to kill his clan?

Yeah a guy name Madara Uchiha helped him kill the clan. Madara Uchiha is the leader of the Uchiha clan. You could read about him on narutopedia.

Why was the Uchiha clan planning to attack konoha?

Because he found that Itachi was forced to kill all of his clan because of Konoha.

Why does itachi kill his mom and dad?

He kills his mother and father (and clan) because he was forced by the Konahagakure elders to either kill his clan or the village would go into another war. On the other hand, Itachi-san's own clan planned against the elders. So Itachi did what he thought was right. ironic kinda...yup yup yuup

No Uchiha itachi couldn't kill his clan but Uchiha madara could?

Itachi seeked out madara to help kill his clansmen. this was an agreement so madara wouldn't attack the village if he help itachi kill the clan. itachi did kill uchiha shinsui and gained MS. it is proven and it has no evidence proving otherise. shinsui was the best uchiha next to itachi. the clan knew itachi to be a prodigy but did not know the extent of his power. this can be noted when 3 police officer came to question him about shinsui death and he took them out in 2 or 3 seconds. this is full 3 tome sharingan users. itachi abilities was unrivaled because he killed the best of his clan without a scratch. there was no visible wounds on him the next day. which leads us to believe he is extremely powerful. this was then confirmed by the elder to pick itachi out of all his clan members to carry out the massacar. he was the only one talented and skilled enough to do it. madara couldt kill the entire clan by himself and neither could itachi but together they could. remember this is the uchiha clan. the most formidable and known as a battle clan even a genius was just ordinary before them.

Why did itachi join the akutski?

Itachi joins the akutski(?) shortly after the kill his whole clan. There Orochimaru tries to steal itachi's body but fails. Itachi is one of the strongest members.

Why was itachi ordered to kill his clan?

Itachi massacred his clan because he felt they were holding him back because they always put the clan first. Itachi killed his clan not they were holding him back and just to test his ability too.

Will Sasuke find out why itachi killed his clan?

He already did. After the fight with Itachi, Madara (Tobi) from Akatsuki told him why Itachi killed their clan.

Does sasuke like itachi now that he knows the truth?

Yes. If fact he's so obsessed that he wants to avenge Itachi and kill Konoha because they forced him to kill the Uchiha Clan.

Why does sasuke want to kill the village elders?

They ordered Itachi Uchiha to murder his entire clan.

Why third Hokage ordered itachi to kill his clan?

He didn't. Those were Danzo and the 2 Advisors.

Will itachi ever tell Sasuke that the third told him to kill the clan?

maybe i think Tobi will

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