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Java is a simple . Because java has the more library function than c/c++ language.By the help of this library, the developer only focuses on the business logic then java is a simple language.

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What is a simple java code and explain what the code does?

int a;This simple Java statement declares an integer.

Is Lua better or Java?

Java is simple. Lua is n00b. l0l

Which language should you start first from java and java script?

Easy and simple . Java first , then javascript.

What are the advantages of using java?

java is platform independent language. java is a robust. simple multithreaded distributed. secure.

Why java is simple?

java is similar to c/c++,easy to learn if you have some programming experience. and also the developers omitted the concepts of pointers(which are very difficult) in java When java is developed,developers want it to be simple because it has to be work on electronic devices.Where less memory is available.

What is Java?

Java is a Object Oriented Programming language . java is very simple and easy language for designing the Desktop application and many more... Such kind of question You can visit us...... At Techno Interact

What is the basic of java?

java buzzwords like simple , Secure , Portable, Object-Oriented, Robust, Dynamic, etc............

Why java programming language is simple?

java is simple because the developers of java omitted the difficult concepts of pointers which is used in c & c++ and another reason is that the developers wanted to implement this programming language in electronic devices,which have less memory

How do you connect adobe Photoshop and java?

simple download it and connect it

How do you get pyrosand 2 without java?

You Can't. Plain and simple.

Which is better java or Ajax?

you mean JavaApplet or Ajax? I do not think you can compare java as a whole and AJAX. Ajax is a simple implementation of JAvascript .

How do you hack java script for runescape?

Don't you'll get arrested simple as that. :/

What is java is so popular?

java is a machineindependent programming language. It is simple. Only java supports applets and servelets . It is completely object oriented and highly secure . It contains threads that can programing easily.

What type of java used in java enable phone?

J2ME - Java 2 Micro Edition is generally used in java enabled phones. Simple Java Applications use JVM(Java Virtual Machine) for generating bytecode where as Java Mobile Applications use KVM(KiloByte Virtual Machine) for the same purpose. Reason for this is KVM occupies small amount of memory and hence can be embedded inside a java enabled phone easily.

How do you make software from a simple java program?

You compile it.You compile it.You compile it.You compile it.

How do you print diamond shape in java?

you press on the little square then click yes.. simple

What is a Java Drive-By?

AnswerA Java Drive-By is a Java Applet that is coded in Java and is put on a website. Once you click "Run" on the pop-up, it will download a program off the internet. This program can be a virus or even a simple downloader. If you'd like to get the source code or wanna know more information about a Java Drive-By, use Google.

What is a good aquarium plant?

a banana plant all you do is drop it in some good plants to try are java fern and java moss. their care is simple,and they are fairly bulletproof

What can javascript do?

Java script can be used to automate simple tasks that may be repetitive to computer users. You can also use java script in web pages to have interaction with the user.

What is the purpose of call by value in java?

Simple types are passed by value in Java. For example: void meth(int a) { // code } meth(34); // 34 is passed by value

How do you perform the calculation by java script?

You can perform calculation by simple operators. You have to do all of that by defining a function().

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