Why jazeera airlines stop flying to India?

Jazeera Airways seems to have stopped their flights to Mumbai from 3rd January 2010. Reports indicate that the decision to stop flights to Mumbai may be a 'longterm' one.
Jazeera had previously withdrawn flights to Delhi and Cochin. The cancellation of Mumbai route effectively means that Jazeera would have no flights operating to India.
At the heart of the problem is Kuwait's first private low-cost carrier Jazeera Airways, which wants to operate most of its flights via Dubai under fifth freedom intermediate rights enshrined in the agreement (these refer to the right to pick up traffic to and from a third country, in this case UAE). Already, 10 of its 13 flights to and from India are routed via Dubai, its second hub after Kuwait City, threatening the market for Indian and Air India Express.
To cash in on the heavy traffic in the India-UAE sector, Kuwait wants a 50% increase in Jazeera's flights to and from India which the Ministry hasn't cleared. Reason: this will hit national carriers.