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That is because first product contain 3 carbons. That is named PGA

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Q: Why light independent phase of photosynthesis called c3 cycle?
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The light independent reactions of photosynthesis are also known as the?

The Calvin cycle does not require light, these reactions are also called the Light Independent reactions.

Why are the reactions of the calvin cycle also called the light independent reaction?

The reactions of the Calvin cycle are also called the light independent reactions because they do not require light to take place. This is contrary to the light dependent process of photosynthesis.

Which reaction during photosynthesis is light-independent?

That is the second step. It is called dark cycle

What are the light independent reaction of photosynthesis known as?

It is the calvin cycle. It is the second step of photosynthesis.

Where does the light independent reaction for photosynthesis occur?

calvin cycle

What are the two stages of photosynthesis?

The two stages of photosynthesis are the light dependent and the light independent. During the light reactions, light is converted into energy by a process of transferring electrons to and from a special chemical called NADP. In the light independent stage, called the Calvin Cycle, which uses that energy to change carbon dioxide into sugars for the cell's use.

What are the three parts of photosynthesis?

There are only two parts of photosynthesis, light reaction and light independent reaction (Calvin Cycle).

The light-independent reactions of photosynthesis are also known as?

the Calvin cycle

What is another name for the light-independent reactions of photosynthesis?

The Calvin cycle

What are light independent reactions of photosynthesis also know as?

Calvin cycle

Why are the products of the light reactions of photosynthesis important?

The products of the light reactions in photosynthesis provides the energy needed for the "light independent" reaction or calvin cycle

What is the second part of photosynthesis called?

The second part of photosynthesis is called the light independent. it does not require light for it can also be refair to as the dark phase. The first part of photosynthesis is called the light dependent for its requires light.

Is the Calvin Cycle part of photosynthesis?

The Calvin Cycle is the part of photosynthesis that is light independent. It uses energy derived from ATP and NADPH formed in the light dependent part to make GA3P from CO2.

Which part of photosynthesis produces sugars?

The light independent cycle (or Calvin cycle) of chloroplasts.

How do the light independent reactions depend on the light dependent reactions?

In photosynthesis, the light-dependent reactions (light reactions) create the necessary ATP and NADPH which power the light-independent reactions (Calvin cycle).

What happens in the second phase of photosynthesis?

calvin cycle, light independent or dark reactions

What are the two basic steps in photosynthesis?

The Light Dependent process and then the Light Independent process (known as the Calvin Cycle).

Can photosynthesis happen at nighttime?

yes,there are two reactions the light dependent and the light independent.pen the light independent is the reaction where the photosynthesis happen nighttime.

Photosynthesis consists of two types of reactions?

Light-dependent stage where sunlight needs to stimulate electronsLight-independent stage (also called Calvin Cycle) where the final products of photosynthesis is made.

What is another name for the light independent reaction during photosynthesis?

Dark reactions or Calvin cycle

What are light-independent reactions of photosynthesis also know as?

They are known as the The Calvin Cycle.

The light independent reactions are also called?

Calvin Cycle

The light-independent reactions of photosynthesis are called?

the Dark reactions.

How much ATP is used in photosynthesis?

Each photosynthesis uses 1 ATP in order for light independent reaction (Calvin cycle) to occur.

Describe how the light-independent reactions are the synthesis part of photosynthesis?

Because the light-independent reactions build sugar molecules, they are the synthesis part of photosynthesis. Only one molecule of CO2 is actually added to the Calvin cycle at a time.