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it was an unjust war,half the people didnt know were Vietnam was.we were drafting the poor and minority.the rich paid to get deferments.

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It it wasn't a declared war and by 1968 the largest draft had taken place. Protests were going on and many disagreed with the war.

Due the publication and bradcast of the Vietnam war many of the U.S. citizens were against the war. Many who oppsosed the war thought that we were fighting a war for the south vietnamese which was not needed

US Servicemen had been fighting communists in South Vietnam since 1955.

The Vietnam war lasted twenty years from 1955 to 1975. Many children were orphaned and families were uprooted and separated. Citizens of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia were adopted by American citizens or immigrated to the United States.

Vietnam was heavily covered by the national and international media, pictures and film alike. Many of the news channels on air at the time ran footage from the war, creating a new realization for those citizens who have never enlisted as to the carnage and fear in warfare. Media caused many citizens to turn against the war because of how brutal the fighting was and the amount, as well as severity, of injuries.

Many joined pacifist organizations

Just the humidity; for many men in country, it beat the heck out of fighting in the snow (read Korea)!

too many...bring them home. they are fighting over nothing. they are fighting for the u.s government lies. its horrible. bring the good citizens home.

Government officials refused to inform the people that they were in Vietnam to stop the spread of Communism. Since there was no clear objective disclosed to the public, many US Citizens opposed the War in Vietnam.

The phrase "Baby Killer" was regularly used. Also the the veterans were spat on, cursed at, and disrespected by many of the U.S. citizens.

There are 58,286 Americans named on the memorial honoring those who gave their lives in service to the American nation while fighting the war in Vietnam .

Wushu, aikido, taekkyon and many of the World's deadliest Martial art moves.

It meant that they had to stop fighting weather they liked it or not slaves had to be freed according to the law, even though many didn't because many disagreed with president lincoln .

Approximately 2 1/2 million US fighting men and 7,000 US female nurses served in the Vietnam War.

The Vietnam War was the last drafting of US fighting men.

I was not in Vietnam, still, I have heard a number of men talk about it. Unlike the solders from World War 2, none of the Vietnam Veterans considered the Vietnam War worth fighting. Many were totally upset with the incompetence with the people back at the Pentagon. Many solders in the field despised the situation. Americans had to fight because South Vietnamese would not. The fighting was pointless. The solders knew either they could stay and die forever or they could get out and watch South Vietnam fall.

I had read enough of the author's books to know I disagreed with his views."Enough!" the mother yelled when her boys started fighting.Many Americans do not have enough food.

because many citizens in south Vietnam were against the Diem regime.

Many people opposed the war, not just women and older Americans. They thought it was pointless and that the internal fighting in Vietnam posed no threat to America.

No way. Many people were against the war and protested it. in fact, there are many songs from the 60s that are about protesting the war.

There is a Estimation of over 300,000 casualties in The Vietnam war. Because in the year 1968, there was over 500,000 American soldiers fighting for the Southern part of Vietnam. And there could be less but no won knows or has a real number of the casualties.

Any British men fighting in Vietnam either enlisted (as the Canadians did) in the US, Australian, or New Zealand militaries. Great Britain itself, stayed out of the war.

Much like the war today many countries disagreed that the U.S. should have entered into the Vietnam War. Some people believe it should have happened and some don't. It's strictly an individuals choice of what they want to believe. Personally, I don't believe that the U.S. should have entered the Vietnam War.

it was effected by the ho chi min trail. this ran through vietnam, laos and cambodia and was the vietcongs lifeline. they used it to get soldiers and supplies from to place to place safely Also, Vietnam has many dense forests and jungles. This gave troops good hiding places. The terrain was hilly and mountainous. Many mines were hidden in the ground.

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