Why memory sticks are popular?

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Q: Why memory sticks are popular?
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How can Memory Sticks be defined?

Memory Stick is a removable flash memory card. In other words, Memory Sticks are used as storage media for a portable device. Memory Sticks can easily be removed for access by a PC.

Difference between mark II and magic gate memory sticks?

Magicgate memory sticks are set memory storage. Whereas Mark ii memory sticks have custom options and available card adapters.

Do you need a memory card reader for USB memory sticks?

No -- USB memory sticks attach directly to the computer via a USB port.

What is better memory stick or flash memory?

Memory sticks use flash memory.

What actors and actresses appeared in Memory Sticks - 2008?

The cast of Memory Sticks - 2008 includes: Andrew Greenleaf as Pete

Where can one find promotional memory sticks?

You can find promotional memory sticks at electronic stores on their Grand Opening. You can also locate these memory sticks when they are being given away as part of a raffle or prize drawing.

Can computer memory sticks work for x-box 360 memory?


What are some options in order to get branded memory sticks?

There are many options in branded memory sticks. Some of these options are to get your name engraved, business logo, or any other design on them. There are many companies that offer branded memory sticks.

What is another name for static memory and memory sticks?

USB memory keys or flash drives

What are Memory sticks used for?

To play warhammer with.

How do you clear memory sticks?

use a magnet

What does Sony use for their cameras instead of regular memory cards?

memory sticks

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How can Memory Sticks be defined?

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