Why might a '92 Geo Tracker not turn over at all when it has a good battery and starter?

i have a 92 tracker with the same problem. from everything i have learned thus far the ecm has gone bad. I'm told it is a very common problem in these cars. mine makes a clicking sound under the dash when it wont start. if i spray ether into the intake it starts & runs for about 2 seconds then sputters to a stop. I'm waiting on a tip that shows how to bypass part of the ecm with a jumper from the coil to the efi. I'm told if that makes it run then the ecm is bad. supposedly its a 10 minute fix when you get the ecm out of the car


I have a 93' and experianced the same problem. My solution was the small wire from the starter solnoid was smashed within the harness after changing the head gasket. You might want to check it with a meter to see if it's getting juice.