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i have a 92 tracker with the same problem. from everything i have learned thus far the ecm has gone bad. I'm told it is a very common problem in these cars. mine makes a clicking sound under the dash when it wont start. if i spray ether into the intake it starts & runs for about 2 seconds then sputters to a stop. I'm waiting on a tip that shows how to bypass part of the ecm with a jumper from the coil to the efi. I'm told if that makes it run then the ecm is bad. supposedly its a 10 minute fix when you get the ecm out of the car

AnswerI have a 93' and experianced the same problem. My solution was the small wire from the starter solnoid was smashed within the harness after changing the head gasket. You might want to check it with a meter to see if it's getting juice.
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Q: Why might a '92 Geo Tracker not turn over at all when it has a good battery and starter?
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How do you know if your external regulator is good on an 89 geo tracker it does not start battery is good thanks?

if the battery is good, it is not the regulator.i would check all fuses first,then check starter solenoid and starter

Your 1991 Dodge spirit will not do anything What is the problem?

What do you mean it wont do anything... will the engine turn over... is the battery good... if the battery good and the engine wont turn over as if its not receiving power to the starter then it might be a bad starter or bad starter solenoid.

Whats wrong when your car wont turn on at all and you can hear a ticking sound from the battery but the battery is in good condition?

Might be your starter Question: How do you know the battery is in good condition? That clicking sound is the starter not having enough amps to turn the starter motor. Check the terminal for corrosion or a loose power wire to the starter solenoid. Also the wires to the starter relay. Take the battery to a auto parts store to be tested.

95 Geo Tracker with a brand new battery is still is hard to start after sitting over night you were told by AutoZone that the Alternator was ok Could this be the starter?

Make certain the cables from the battery to the starter and the body are good...may be a starter check out your local library for a shop manual and the checks to make.. d

Why does a 1986 f-150 pickup just click if it would not start and you replaced the starter solenoid and both battery cables and everything is hooked up as it was before it broke?

try changing the battery, your battery might be bad you never know, it might not hold a charge The starter relay needs to have good contact. Even though it may click, the contact is dirty and not good enough to transmit strong electrical power to the starter. Change the starter relay which is connected to the positive cable to the battery. Do not confuse the starter solenoid with the starter relay.

If the Starter is good battery good car still wont start?

mabe the starter solenoid

How do you know if your starter or battery is bad?

If you can jump start the engine your starter is good.

If truck won't start and the battery and starter are good and has a funny sound?

If it makes a k-k-k-k-k-k sound, then it might be that the battery's dead.

Why would a Poulan riding lawn mower just click when turning the key?

Your battery might be dead or the starter may be no good or it might be a bad selonoid .

Your 2002 jeep gc will not start it makes a click sound when key is turned but no crank the battery is good and the car has been running great to this point could it be the map sensor or the starter?

It can be a bad starter, but it can be a corroded battery cable. If you know the battery and cables are good, remove the starter and have it tested at most auto parts stores.It can be a bad starter, but it can be a corroded battery cable. If you know the battery and cables are good, remove the starter and have it tested at most auto parts stores.

96 kia fails to start good battery good starter good fuses wont turn over or engage starter?

try the starter relay.

Why starter just clicks and won't turn the engine over?

if the battery and battery conections are good, then you need to replace the starter motor

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