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Why might a 1988 Ford Bronco not start with a new battery gas plugs and a new ignition coil?


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2015-07-17 17:30:38
2015-07-17 17:30:38

check your frame ground

try the ignition module you need a special 5.5mm tool the part is only about 30 bucks


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Ignition switch, coils, starter, alternator, spark plugs. plug wires, battery.

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This intriguing subject brought forth an incredible search of the internet. It turns out the ignition coil transforms voltage from a battery in order to create an electric spark in the spark plugs which leads to the ignition of fuel.

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Faulty Ignition System. Dead battery. Dead Coil. Worn out Ignition "Wires" to Plugs. Corroded Battery Cable to Starter. Corrosion at Battery Terminals. Engine Ground Problem thereof eliminating complete Electrical Circuit. Blown Fuses or Relays. Faulty Ignition Switch. Hope one of these is it!! CHEERS!!

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You might not have the correct spark plugs. Most spark plugs have a resistor included in them to prevent radio interference. Check the numbers on the plug with an auto parts store and see if your plugs are the resistor type. If not, switch them out. You might also have a problem with the electronic ignition, so if changing the plugs does not help, take the vehicle to a garage and have the ignition system checked out.

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