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Why might a 1991 Eagle Talon turbo automatic 4 cylinder turn over but not start the day after you took a drive and filled up the gas tank?

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September 13, 2011 4:04PM

If it's turning but not starting, I would check the starter. You

can easily take it out and go to a local AutoZone and have them

test it. If the starter is still good, there's a chance it could be

your fuel pump. I had the same problem with my car but I think you

would notice if your pump was going out.

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If it's turning (cranking) it is definitely NOT the starter.

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see if your getting spark..take a spark plug out and ground it with

a jumper wire (a wire with 2 gator clips on each end) and see if it

pops a spark out of the spark plug. if not your not getting spark

or fuel, and we have the same problem.


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the problem that u have is cost by the timing belt the teeth for it

as being eaten out now its only Shel, how and y i know because it

had resently happened to my talon and it was pretty much hard to

notice but when the mechanic takes it out ready to change it that's

when u will see what i meant. and this info is guaranteed roof.

cost me in all about $250 plus installation.

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