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If it's automatic, check the fluid. Low fluid will do that.

I had a similar problem, the car was very slow to start moving. The cause was the transmission range switch was loose and out of adjustment. Another way to tell if this is the problem is to turn the ignition switch on and put it in reverse. If the back up lights do not come on and the bulbs are good, then this could be your problem also. Hope that helps!

2010-10-27 07:57:29
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What would cause car temperature to rise when stopped but drop when moving or when engine is revved?

The thermostat is failing.

Why does the Engine shakes when revved?

An automobile engine usually shakes when it is being revved due the crank rotation. When revved in neutral, a torque is produced due to the reaction of the motor.

How do you use revved in a sentence?

He revved his engine, as a sign of intimidation to his racing opponent.

Why does my engine sputter when revved?

There are many reasons why an engine will sputter when revved. There may not be enough fuel getting to the engine, there may not be enough electricity getting through the car, or the computer could be going out.

Pontiac Bonneville misses at 4000 rpm when in neutral and revved this normal?

it has whats called a rev limiter to keep people like you from blowing it up.

If an engine is described as having 150BHP 6000 the engine produces?

It will have/make 150 horsepower @/when revved to 6000 RPM.

What is the sound made by an engine called?

There is no specific word for a car engine's sound.Someone might say their car, when the engine was operating smoothly, purred or was purring.Or, when the driver accelerates without moving: He revvedhis engine.When the engine makes abnormal sounds, the type of sound is described: the engine was ticking, knocking, sputtering, straining, etc.

Why does your heater only work when the engine is revved up?

It's because the thermostat is stuck open.

What does tach readings mean?

This guage is to register the RPM's (revolutions per minute) the engine is running. In short, how much the engine is revved up.

How did the first biplane take off?

The engine was revved up, it rolled and gained lift then suddenly it was in flight.

What are the release dates for Revved Up - 2013 This Is Revved Up 1-1?

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Why does your 1987 Toyota engine w carb stay revved a couple seconds after you let your foot off the gas?


Engine fitted with fuel pressure regulator is idling state what happens fuel pressure when engine is revved?

The fuel pressure regulator maintains a constant predetermined fuel pressure regardless of engine RPMs.

How do you know if your catylic converter is stopped up in 87 cadillac deville?

No power, shhhh sound from ehaust pipe when engine is revved up

What cause grey smoke for the exhaust when being revved up?

its not always a bad thing its just your oil usually when the engine is still cold

Could a faulty rad cap cause a rad hose to flex upon reving the engine?

The only thing that could cause the tube to flex would be for either the engine or radiator to move - and if it's happening when the engine is revved, it would most likely be the engine moving. Unless it's causing a leak that can't be fixed by a slightly longer hose, don't worry about it - that's why the hose is made of a flexible material.

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What effect pedals does Van Halen use for Panama?

I read on a website that they actually backed up his car to the recording room and recorded the engine being revved.

Why is a car is using more oil than usual and when the engine is revved plumes of blue smoke comes out the exhaust?

sounds like the piston rings are worn.

What does the motor do when the crank sensor goes bad?

It can affect the way the engine idles, the pistons fire, or the acceleration behavior. If the engine is revved up it may cause misfiring, motor vibration or backfires. Accelerating might be hesitant, and engine shaking during engine idle might happen.

When i started my car smoke came out from under bonnet it then revved for no reason I turned it off and restarted it This time no smoke but the car still revved could this be timer belt?

no it is not your timing belt. when they go bad you get bent valves or cracked pistons or ever broken wrist pins leading to catastrofic engine failure.

Engine knocking in a 1992 Crown Victoria?

depends on what kind of knocking you mean. lots of engines can have what we call "piston slap" when the engine is cold and goes away in a few minutes when the engine warms up. If the noise stays and is worse when revved up you have a more serious problem.Hope this helps

Why do 2000 Honda CRV driveshafts carrier bearings and u-joints break?

Lack of lubrication would be the primary reason. Although another possibility might be that the engine is being over-revved at the time the OB computer senses the need to engage the AWD capability and the shock of the sudden engagement, while being over-revved, snaps the joints.

In a four stroke engine the time period when both valves are slightly open is called valve?

If the valve timing is correct and there are no damaged engine parts (or weak/faulty valve springs) that should not happen, yet however if the engine is "over-revved" the valves could "float" which is not normal operation. (If the engine is an interference engine there may possibly be engine damage.) That is normal and it is called valve overlap.

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