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Check all of your wires it sounds as if you knocked one off to the coil or distrubitor if you don't find any check if you have spark if you do have spark then check fuel shut-off relay if you don't then work back check the coil spark if so replace the cap and rotor if not check wiring to coil with a voltmeter is you have power and no spark the coil has gone bad if no power to the coil look for broken wires by following them and checking. .

Answerif you have electricity and spark you may need to check compression when it over heated it may have blew a head gasket.


Which engine? 3.3 or 3.5? Really doubt if it involves distributor, as both engines use coil packs and don't have distributors. If it's a 3.5, then the pump is driven by the timing belt, which must be in perfect alignment to synchronize the cam sensor with the crank sensor--else no start. Tons of other possibilities.

2015-07-14 15:05:34
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