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Check the fuel line pressure, just because it runs don't mean its pumping or pumping enough

2004-09-28 04:50:08
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How do you get portable safari?

Safari is not open-source so it might not be possible

How do you get a gible without going to the Safari Zone in heart gold?

You might be able to use Sinnoh sound, or you might just have to use the safari zone.

Does Safari on Itouch cost Money?

It depends. You might be connected to a network that might cost money but, probably not.Safari does not have a charge for the software. It comes with your updates, and there is no hidden fees.

Which power of a telescope might be expressed as 0.5 seconds or arc?

which power of a telescope might be expressed as "0.5 seconds of arc"?

How do you empty a cache on computer?

In Safari, go to Safari>Empty Cache. In IE, it might be clicking on something in the upper-right and selecting "Internet options".

What does it mean if a 1992 Geo Storm misfires badly after it is warmed up like it's firing on only two of the four cylinders?

It could be misfiring on two of the cylinders... Try a compression test first. If compression is low between two adjacent cylinders it might be a head gasket. If compression is up across all cylinders, it might be a coil-pack. The cylinders that AREN'T running should be obvious, since you should see that the sparkplugs are darker, fouled and/or soaked.

Why does safari keep closing on the iPad?

Safari doesn't close on it's own without you doing something. You might keep hitting the home key or you might walk out of the Wi-Fi spot you were just in and you don't have a 3G plan.

How do you change you're relationship status on Facebook on you're mobile?

Use safari. Facebook for iPhone(app) might not be able to do. I used safari the previous round and managed to do it.

Was there a Gun Manufacturer by the name of Safe Arms or Safearms?

You might be thinking of Safari Arms.

Why isn't my Safari Browser working?

Might be due to corrupt files. . Reinstall it or update.

Why does your iPod touch exit out of safari by itself?

it might be crashing, try powering it off

How do tigers roars sound?

I think a zoo, safari, or YouTube might be the best place to search for an answer.

What wild cats might you see on an African safari?

A person will encounter many wild animals on an African safari. Some of the wild cats they may see leopards, lions, and cheetahs.

Is it true that ever 3 seconds a baby is born?

Well, it cant be every 3 seconds. It might be under 3, it might be over 3. It can't happen exactly 3 seconds over and over again.

What is the duration of That Mothers Might Live?

The duration of That Mothers Might Live is 600.0 seconds.

Why does a lawnmower start then stops in a few seconds?

This can be due to fuel starvation. The fuel tap may be turned off or the fuel line might be blocked. The spark plug cap may be loose or the plug not screwed in properly.

Why is my car weak on accelerating?

your car might be weak on accelerating because it isn't firing on all cylinders.

Can a 3rd degree felony be over turned?

If the case is 'appealed' the original ruling might possibly be over-turned.

What does it mean when my boyfriend won't get turned on when I was on top of him when we were kissing with tongues?

He just might not get turned on by that or he may not have been in the mood.

Why does my boyfriend spank me?

well he might think you like it and are turned on by it. or he might be a dominate. or he might just want to punish you for something.

Where do you catch Psyduck in Pokemon FireRed?

safari zone waters! check the water! Note: It might be rare to find psyducks in the water but keep trying! i found one in the safari zone river!

Why does YouTube close unexpectedly using both Firefox and Safari when you try to use Direct Capture Upload on your Mac?

I have the macintosh, and that does not happen to me. I think Safari works better with youtube than firefox. Try deleting Safari and Firefox and upload the new versions, that might help.

Why might the security light on a 97 GMC Safari not come on?

It has to be checked out. Takeit to a dealer that has check out charts.

What Pokemon are in the safari zone in sapphire?

the Pokemon that can be found in the safari zone is pikachu,oddish,doduo,rhyhorn,goldeen,psyduck,gloom,and heracross. i don't know all of them so there might be more than this.

Where do you get strengh in FireRed?

You have to go in to the Safari Zone and get the gold teeth or whatever they are called. While you are in the Safari Zone you might as well go to the secret house in the end and get surf, then exit the Safari Zone. Then you have to talk to the Warden in Fushia City (his house is to the right of the Pokemon center) and he will give you strength.