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Why might a 2001 Suburban not start the first time you turn the ignition?


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fuel pump may be going out try cycling key on and off 2 or 3 times before cranking this will allow fuel pump to prime 4-2-06 We had same issue in our '01 since it was new. Dealer told us the firing voltage or amps was to low, he replaced starter and if fires on first turn of key everytime now.


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A 2002 Suburban that turns over but will not start is not getting fuel to the injectors, the ignition system is defective, or the spark plugs are worn out. Performing a full tune-up of the engine will solve most of these issues.

might be something with starter/solenoid assembly or the crank wire circuit coming from the ignition switch.

Generally the problem is either a defective neutral safety switch or a bad ignition switch (not ignition key lock).

There are a few issues that can cause a 2006 Chevy Suburban to not start on first crank. These can include a dead or drained battery, problems with the fuel system, or issues with the starter.

It is possible that a Ford Transit might not start if the key was left in the ignition in the on position. The battery is probably dead, if turning the key produces no noise at all.

Yes you can undo the false alarm after you start the ignition.

You don't. The ignition is required to start the car. If it fails you need a new ignition switch.

Get some WD40 and spray all of the ignition wires, coils.

Put it in park , insert the ignition key into the ignition and turn the key to start it.

If your ABS light indicator is not coming on in your 2004 Toyota Highlander model car even when you start the ignition it might be an issue with the electrical system.

No, the ignition is what starts the car.

cars with start a key in the ignition.

First you must start by removing the entire ignition, itself, on the Nissan 200SX. It should be fairly easy, you will just need the correct tools. Once you have bought the new ignition switch, attach it to the ignition and then re-install the ignition into the Nissan 200SX.

turn the ignition switch on (all the lights in dash light up) but do not crank engine. leave on for half hour untill security light goes off. turn off ignition, wait 30 seconds then start engine.

If all electronics work and the car still will not start, it might be a problem with the starter or ignition. If it was the alternator, the battery would be dead. There is also a possibility that the code on the key is worn if the car is equipped with electronic ignition. The car might also be out of fuel or have a fuel pump problem.

I had the same thing happen to me and my 96' suburban. It turned out to be that the battery was shot and wouldn't hold enough of a charge to turn over the engine. Might be the same thing with you.

you start off first-start to get touchy with him, and he might be touchy back.

how can you start a '89 mercury cougar with a broken ignition switch?

I usually take the key out, turn it, and put it back in ignition to start

There are several reasons why a Hyundai will not start with the ignition is on. There could be a problem with the battery or starter. There may also be a problem with the wiring.

This is something that should be handled by an expert mechanic. The ignition switch is a very delicate part of your car, one mess up and you might not be able to start it again.

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