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maybe a siezed water pump, or worse yet, blown head gasket.

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Q: Why might a Hyundai not restart after overheating?
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Why is your Hyundai accent overheating when the cooling system seems to be working?

Hyundai got excellent cooling system, you might have a little hole in your radiator that affects cooling circulation pressure? check if you have tight cooling system pressure.COCORICO

Your 98 Hyundai excel runs for ten mins then shuts down not overheating and will restart when engine cools Ignition?

I have the same problem and have been researching, looks as if it is a faulty or warn coil pack over heating and cuting out as i am getting no spark but have fuel and air.

A computer freezes at odd times at first you suspect the power supply or overheating but you have eliminated overheating and replaced tje power supply without solving the problem what do you do next?

restart it

Why would there be white smoke coming from the hood of a 1999 Hyundai Accent GS?

Overheating or coolant leak.

How do you know if your Hyundai lantra 1600 engine is losing compression?

When a Hyundai is losing compression in its engine the car will not run properly. Symptoms of low compression are misfires, stalls, and overheating.

What is wrong when 2001 Hyundai Santa Fe shuts off while driving and will not restart?

IDK yup

Why might a Pentium III Dell with Windows 98 SE not start or restart after having been run for even a few minutes?

sounds like your processor is overheating and locking up to save itself from toasty death. then, when you try to restart it, it's still to hot to allow you to do it. check to see if your processor fan is dead.

How do you know if your motorcycle is overheating if you have no temp gauge?

If there is no temperature gauge on a motorcycle, the way to tell if the motorcycle is overheating is by smell or feel. If the bike smells like radiator hot water, it might be overheating. If the legs of the operator start to become so warm that it is uncomfortable to ride, it might be overheating.

Why is Grand Theft Auto San Andreas causing my computer to restart?

Check that your graphics drivers are up to date and that the card is not overheating.

Computer automatically restart every 2 minutes when switched on?

It may be overheating. Check your system, motherboard and processor fans for blockage and performance.

Belt broke on 2000 Hyundai Elantra and now its overheating?

I'd check the water pump. I'm assuming you replaced the broken belt.

What causes car that is running fine for 50 miles shut off engine about 4 minutes then try to restart and it spits and putts will not fire completely then 10 minutes later fires runs fine?

Bad fuel pump overheating, bad ignition coil overheating.

I have replaced everything involved in my ignition system but still lose spark after driving for a short period of time if you le tit sit for an hour it will restart again any suggestions?

did you have your ignition coil replaced? the signs are that the ignition coil is overheating thus you are able to restart after an hour, when the coil cools. also check if your ignition coil has a resistor. if it has, have it checked for continuity. did you have your ignition coil replaced? the signs are that the ignition coil is overheating thus you are able to restart after an hour, when the coil cools. also check if your ignition coil has a resistor. if it has, have it checked for continuity.

Why will your car start but shuts off after over heating?

I'm going to guess your answer is right there in your question, the car is overheating. Find the cause of the overheating and it might just fix your problem.

Where might one find information about the Hyundai Santro?

One can find information about the Hyundai Santro by visiting the official Hyundai website. There one can find much information about the car's specification and features.

How can you find a diagram of the fuse box for a 1996 Hyundai Accent?


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Restart is a "soft" operation which you might need to use if you have problems with software or hardware. Restart is handled by software and happens in automatic mode.Reset is "rough" operation which you have use when you cannot restart or turn your PC off. Reset is based on hardware and happens only if you are manually doing that.

Why after putting second ram 512 ddr2 your computer suddenly restart?

It may be that the new RAM you put in is not rated for the same speeds as what you already had, leading to memory errors, overheating, and random shutdowns.

What might cause a gas odor inside and outside a 2002 Hyundai?

A Leakage

What is operating temp for 1.6 getz?

The operating temp for a 1.6 Hyundai Getz is between 200 and 220 degrees. This is the optimal temperature in which the engine can efficiently burn fuel without overheating.

What might cause overheating in an '85 Ford Taurus L?

It could be your thermostat how is the fluid in your radiator?

Overheating Kia Sportage?

check thermostat, first, then look for radiator leaks, hoses that might be leaking.

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