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Why might a Mercury Sable not start?


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I'd need to know what you mean. You turn the keyswitch and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING happens? It doesn't crank but lights come on? It cranks but doesn't do anything else? It attempts to start but dies immediately?

It sounds like tha starter noise you hear when tha stater is bad put a new starter in and it is still doing the same thing . could the motor be ceased up?


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There are several reasons why a Mercury Sable may not start. Some of the reasons are no gas, a bad battery, or a bad starter.

A key is needed to enter, lock, and unlock many Mercury Sable cars. A key is also needed to start the engine.

The most common cause for a 1996 Mercury Sable not starting is a dead battery. The second most common cause for the automobile not to start is a lack of fuel.

Mercury Sable was created in 1986.

my 2002 mercury sable won't start, i think the anti theft device was activated by accident, how do I deactive so i can get my car started?

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because it doesn't like you. >:o are you sure

No, the 1994 Mercury Sable does not use R12 for recharging the A/C unit. The 1994 Mercury Sable uses R134a Freon.

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PCM stands for Powertrain Control Module on a Mercury Sable

On a 2002 Mercury Sable the radiator is at the front of the engine compartment

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I am sorry to here that, you will need to get it towed to a garage to have it mended.

Is there spark/fuel? fuel dont know how to check for spark

A 1997 Mercury Sable takes the ( # 9007 headlight bulb )

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were is the computer test plug on the 94 mercury sable ?

Yes it does. I have a 2005 Mercury Sable and mine just went out.

to reset the alarm system for a Mercury Sable when the alarm is causing the car not to start, place the key in the ignition. Turn the key only about halfway and leave it in this spot for 10 minutes before trying to start the car.

My auto lamp light sensor is not working on my Mercury Sable 2002. Why?

On a 2004 Mercury Sable : The battery is in the drivers side of the engine compartment at the front

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