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It's time to take your little dog into the vets. There could many things wrong: Infection Cold Fever Digestive Problems Bowel problems Parasites Of course there are all sorts of diseases, but it probably is just something that antibiotics will resolve. Please don't try home remedies and get your little dog to the vets as soon as possible. THINGS TO TAKE TO THE VET: If you dog has had a bowel movement take a sample of it with a clean popsicle stick or swab of sorts, and insert it into an old pill bottle with the dogs name (your last name) what time the stool sample was taken, the date as well. This will help cut-down on guessing re the vet and can tell a lot by the sample. Be sure to tell the vet the little dog isn't eating, shivering or if the dog is drinking excessive water or not drinking at all. Any information you can give helps and will lower your vet bill costs. Good luck Marcy

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Q: Why might a dog keep shivering and not eat?
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Why is the dogs is laying down and shivering and won't eat?

My vet said when a dog is shaking he is in pain.

Why is your dog shivering and acting like he will vomit and not eat?

Impossible to know from the details you've provided. The shivering may be the effects of a fever and, if so, it's a high fever. Consider bringing the dog to the Vet ASAP.

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If you keep things away from a dog, but keep it in view, it could learn to not try to eat it

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eat you...!

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What could be wrong with my dog who ate plastic and wood and is now vomiting and shivering?

The plastic and wood that the dog ate has made him sick. Please take this dog to the vet at once. It is not good for a dog to eat plastic and wood. It has got stuck in its digestive tract and could kill this dog.

Is your dog sick if she refuses to eat or drink and is mostly shivering?

Sadly to say, most probably. Please take it to the closest veterinarian to give it the greatest chance to live.

Why do dogs eat their bowel?

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Keep the dog out of the house.

Can a dog eat halls?

Yes, but it probably won't do them much good, because they'll just swallow it and you should keep it in your mouth to get the best benefit. If they get too much, it might not be good for them, especially a smaller dog.

My shitzu keeps wanting to lick my new baby kittens bottom and barking at it im scared that the dog might eat it Do dogs eat kitten?

Yes dogs can eat cats and if not eat them hurt them like chewing on them but you can train a dog not to eat cats. I have a shtzu X, and she loves cats, but doesn't know how to play gently with them . I have to keep telling her, it's a baby, be gentle. If your dog doesn't go after cats, just don't let them play unsupervised, and keep petting the kitten and saying " IT's a BABY! , be gentle."

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What is the problem when a dog doesn't eat?

might have worms - take him to the vet