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Why might a transmission not shift into passing gear?

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Usually that's the first sign of a transmission going bad.Overdrive sometimes goes out first.Also it could be a bad transmission sensor.A diagnostic check should tell you so.The sensors are cheap and easy to install. In older GM cars with the TH350 tranny, the "kickdown" cable could also be broken or not adjusted properly.

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Why might the transmission not shift into passing gear above 55 mph?

You don't say what kind of car you have and some don't shift at higher speeds. Adjust the throtle cable and that should help if possible,.

How do you adjust transmission passing gear cable on 90 Chevy silverado?

How do you adjust a transmission passing gear cable on a 95 chevy tahoe /

What happens if you shift to drive from lower gear while pressing gas will anything happen to da transmission?

the transmission will shift to higher gear

What gear is over drive in an automatic transmission?

It is called the passing gear.

What might the transmission not passing into last gear above 100 km?

It could be a throttle linkeage problem or a transmission valve body problem.

Why wont transmission shift to high gear?

My 1998 Nissan sentra wony shift into high gear

Why will transmission not downshift to passing gear?

Say what?! Pass gear?? Who pass gear anymore?

What causes the automatic transmission to shift hard from first to second gear on a 1999 Nissan Frontier?

A bad transmission gear can cause your 1999 Nissan frontier to shift hard. Low transmission fluid can also cause the transmission to shift hard.

Why does the transmission in your 1993 ford thunderbird slip only when using passing gear?

if by "passing gear" you mean, when you put your foot down to pass, the transmission goes down a gear, then it is not actually slipping. it just means it is trying to go back into top gear. sounds like you need to back off a little and learn how your car operates correctly by passing gear, do you mean the transmission goes back a gear when you put your foot flat to the floor? if so your transmission is not slipping, but trying to go into correct gear for the speed you are travelling.try not flooring it and let the transmission do its job. PS: "D" on shift slector does NOT mean DRAG race. it means drive

Why won't a 1993 Chrysler LeBaron shift into any gear?

check your transmission control relay.. it might be stuck..

Why does your 1988 Dodge Grand Caravan shift into neutral when you floor the accelerator for passing gear?

The car isn't necessarily shifting into neutral its just staying in a lower gear and not shifting to the next gear, check your transmission fluid.

If the transmission fluid is low will first to second gear shift be delayed?

No it will shift slow.

How do you put a gear shift back into 1993 ford 5 speed transmission?

how do you put gear shift back into 1993 ford f-150 5 speed transmission

What causes a Hard shift from first gear to second gear Honda accord?

A hard shift from first gear to second gear in the Honda Accord could be because of a linkage problem with the transmission. It could also be a problem with the transmission screen needing to be cleaned or low transmission fluid.

Why won't a transmission shift out of first gear on a 2001 ford explorer?

my 2001 ford windstar wont shift out of first gear.

Why won't the transmission shift out of first gear?

* modulator valve

What is man shift on a 1990 Ford Probe for?

a man shift is a manuel shift button it drops the car down a gear for passing and such

What if your 1996 Saturn SC1 manual transmission is stuck in first gear what could be the possible problems?

Gear shift linkage?Remove gear shift from top and align

Why does the gear shift freeze up?

If your gear shift is freezing it could be because your clutch is not longer working. If you have an automatic then your transmission may be slipping.

Why is there a yellow triangle dash light on your 94 ram?

That light is used on manual transmission equipped vehicles to remind you when to shift to the next gear.That light is used on manual transmission equipped vehicles to remind you when to shift to the next gear.

Why would a automatic gear shift stick?

An automatic transmission can lock in a Honda for several reasons. The most common problem is with the shift solenoids. These parts allow the transmission to shift and when one is malfunctioning the gearbox may not go into gear.

Why won't my manual transmission shift out of first gear or reverse?

There are several things that can cause your manual transmission not to shift out of first gear or reverse. The most common cause is a broken shifting fork.

What is a manual transmission?

It's a transmission where the gears do not change themselves, but have to be changed with a gear shift and a clutch.

Why wont your Nissan forklift shift into a gear?

You may have a broken transmission or be low on transmission fluid.

What kind of transmission in a car is operated with a gear shift and a clutch pedal?

A manual (standard) transmission.