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A lot of new vehicles have a master system fuse under the hood that might be blown.

I've found that the wire from the alternator to the positive terminal (which runs the actual charge to your battery positive terminal) is sometimes bad. You can bypass it by adding a wire at the small post at the back of the alternator then running it to the positive battery cable (attach it any which way). The original wire is the small one which runs attached alongside the battery cable. Bypassing it will let you see if it is bad or not. I actually have left the new wire on this way and never stalled or had starting problems since. Try it even though your battery is fully charged.

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What does the alternator do for your vehicle?

the work of an alternator is to charge up the battery while the vehicle is in motion

What can cause a battery not to charge on a 1999 f-150?

Do you mean charge by the vehicle running....or do you mean take a charge from a Bench charger? if its in the vehicle it could mean that either the battery/battery connection/cables, a faulty ground, or the alternator is defective. If its on a bench charger then the battery has a dead cell or is defective and needs replacing.

How can you get your battery to charge with out the charger?

You cannot charge a battery without a battery charger or having it charged by the alternator in your vehicle while it is running.

Can an alternator charge a car battery?

That is the purpose of an alternator. The keep the battery charged and to run all the electrics on the vehicle. However it is never a good idea to allow the alternator to charge a dead battery. This will put a strain on the alternator and may damage it.

Why will the battery not charge in your 1986 grand marquis with a new alternator?

Battery may have a dead cell and need replacing.

Will a bad alternator keep a 1999 S10 pickup truck from starting?

The answer is no . The battery starts you vehicle , the alternator charges the battery so if your alternator is bad your battery is not receiving a charge which will cause a "no start" condition.

How long must you drive a Mercedes CLK 320 after replacing battery?

If the battery was charged when you installed it, you do not have to drive the car at all. If not you should charge the battery and not use the cars alternator to charge it.

What is the function of the alternator on a car?

to keep your battery charge and help provide your vehicle electricity

Why wont your 1990 Honda Accord keep a charge with a good battery and alternator?

If you are 100% sure the battery and alternator are good and the battery is loosing it's charge then something is on pulling power from the battery. Can be any light or any relay on the vehicle.

What is an alternator for?

The alternator generates power to run the car and charge the battery. An alternator in a vehicle generates Alternate Current (AC) instead of Direct Current (DC) electricity to power the vehicle.

How do you run car to charge up new battery?

New batteries almost always come fully charged. If it was not then charge it with a battery charger and do not use your vehicle alternator to charge a dead battery. You may do harm to the alternator which is not built to charge a dead battery but is instead built to keep a good battery fully charged.

How much time does it take a car alternator to charge a battery?

It varies depending on how much other electronics you are using on the vehicle at the time. Could take hours. I do not recommend you charge any dead battery with the alternator if you can avoid it. it puts too much of a strain on the alternator and may damage it. Charge a dead battery with a battery charger.

Why does battery light go off when accelerating?

Because your alternator starts to generate more power as you accelerate, as opposed to an engine at low speed or idle. The car reads this extra voltage from the alternator, which is trying to charge the battery, and tells the light to go off. This is not normal on a vehicle with an alternator. You need to have the alternator checked as it more than likely needs replacing.

What charge the car battery?

The alternator charges the car battery.

What could be wrong with a 1996 geo metro if the battery isn't taking charge and it's not the alternator?

The battery has a dead cell or short and needs replacing.

What does it mean when the battery light comes on?

Usually it means that the alternator isn't charging the battery. Batteries store electricity and the alternator uses energy from the engine to produce electrical energy for all of the devices in the vehicle and to recharge the battery. If the alternator isn't working the battery will eventually loose it's charge and you will not be able to start the vehicle.

What does a battery charge?

A battery charges nothing it accepts a charge from the alternator.

Why does the battery voltage gauge on my 1991 Ford F150 run low?

alternator probably needs replacing not charging battery or bat is dead and not taking charge

Why will my 2001 Chevy Impala LS not hold charge in a new battery?

if its a new battery then you need to replace your alternator. It basically recharges your battery while the vehicle is running.

Can a bad battery cause the alternator to get hot?

Yes it may have a bad cell in the battery.. even with a bad cell the battery may have enough charge to start the vehicle but it then puts the alternator under a heavy load as it tries to charge the battery...Have them both tested.... There is also the possibility that the bearings in the alternator may be worn which could cause excessive heating....

What is the purpose of the alternator?

Charge the battery.

Are there any devices that can charge up a car battery besides an alternator?

older cars had a generator ,not an alternator, but you can always use a battery charger to charge a battery

Jeep Cherokee alternator doesn't charge battery alternator tests fine when not in vehicle?

check your fuses if they are good the voltage regulator is in the pcm eng computer

How do you charge a battery after it dies?

Connect a battery charger to the battery and let it fully charge. Do not charge it with the cars alternator. If it will not accept a charge the battery needs replacing. Connect positive (+) red cable to positive post and black negative (-) cable to negative post. Trickle charge the battery do not fast charge it as the charge won't take. Sure it will start the car a few times but a good charge to a battery is one that is done slowly

Dodge avenger battery dead?

Charge it, replace it,test the alternator,Charge it, replace it,test the alternator,