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Why might an animal attack their owners and other people?

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September 13, 2011 4:05PM

They say that sometimes the over-breeding of an animal can cause this because there wiring inside there brain isn't right. Sometimes they attack instinctively, someone is mistreating them or a lot of the times they are pestered by a child for a long period of time and just have enough. Some people think when a animal is breed to be mean then the litters there after will have that in them too. Don't forget nature creates all living things but nature is not perfect. You take two sets of genes, in what ever animal you want to pick and put them together and inherently they can have abnormalities. I had a dog for almost 10 years that we found in a mall parking lot. We treated that dog better than most people live. We never abused him and his was like our baby. Then one night after my husband took him for a walk and was petting him good night he lunged out and bit my husband in the face that required 184 stitches on his right cheek, 1/2 in 1/2 out. We still to this day cannot explain why, Sampson, did it. So I know first hand that it just could be something inside the dog. We didn't know anything about his background because we found him but he never showed aggressive tendencies before this. Sad but true we put him to sleep after we quarantined him, our state law, to see if he had rabies. We were hoping he did so we could figure out why the dog we loved like a child turned. He didn't have rabies but we didn't want this to happen again, and god forbid to a child, there would have been nothing left of a child's face with this bite. We just have to respect the animal world and be cautious. Don't ever let a child put their face in a dogs face, don't ever let a child be left alone with an animal, and by all means never mistreat a animal. To this day we miss our dog but know that we did the right thing. I say Prevention is the best preventative.


It's seldom a dog will attack their owner (but may attack others if they feel their owner or the owner's family is in harms way.) The above poster is correct that some dogs are over-bred and can have many maladies such as humans. We had a neighbour that got a Golden Retriever pup and I gave that pup it's first toy and would often play with the dog. As he grew he began to snarl at anyone (including myself) that didn't belong to the family. I refused to go over to visit as this dog weighed in at over 80 lbs., and meant business. The owners kept saying he wouldn't bite! I know when a dog means business and I wasn't taking any chances. He did end up biting the mailman and also would attack other dogs (big or small.) They finally had to keep the dog indoors. I'm shocked the dog didn't attack the very family he lived with because when he died the vet did an autopsy and found the dog had a brain tumor and blamed over-breeding.

Some people also don't take the time to have their dog trained. Each dog my husband and I get we go to training with the dog. Our dogs are well behaved and they listen well to commands. Even though they love people and other dogs I make them lay down in a corner of the front room while we visit. Since we don't have children the dogs are a little nervous around young children and although I doubt they would hurt a child or nip, there is always that percentage they will and it's our responsibility to see that it doesn't happen. Personally, if I had a dog that was untrainable I wouldn't have it in my home.

Well my father was in Vegas on a buissiness trip. So it was my responsilbilty to take the dog out and make sure she was fed. So me and my mom got home she was in the car talkin to my dad and i walked in there and was about to put the leesh type thing on her and she attcked me. Got a very very very deep gash on my right arm a cut on my left hand and many scratches on my left hand right arm and left thigh. If she would have bit any deeper in my right arm her teeth would have torn my tendon and I would had ave to have surgery. So we put the dog to sleep and to this day i HATE that dog. And i will never buy another pet again