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Why might an over drive light be flashing?


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2011-09-13 16:05:14
2011-09-13 16:05:14

1996 Ford Countour is because the transmission is overheating usually due to overfilling with transmission fluid.

This is not necesarily true. line preasure could be down, torque converter slipping, especially in the ford axod transmisions, they have a short longevity and once that light comes on stop driving it and get it to a tranny shop. this light is equal to an engine check light only for the tranny. However the transmission has no way to shut itself off to prevent damage.


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A malfunction has been detected

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A flashing over drive off light indicates that a malfunction has been detected with the transmission - get it checked out by a professional as soon as possible

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if the overdrive light is flashing, you have a problem in the transmission you need to take vehicle to a good transmission shop before you need to get towed in

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OD stands for Over Drive and it just means that your car is adjusting its actions to save money and gas.

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