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If the fan turns on, it could be a short to power (two power wires shorted together) causing the increase in amperage. If the fan doesn't turn on, it's probably a short to ground after the switch in the circuit; where power is bypassing the intended path, which is the blower.

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Q: Why might the 30 amp fuse for the heater-AC blower keep blowing when you turn it on?
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2003 Toyota Echo Ac stoped blowing air where is blower located?

If the AC stopped blowing air on your 2003 Toyota Echo, the blower fuse could be to blame. If the fuse is fine, it might be the blower resistor that needs to be replaced.

Heater blower fuse keeps blowing?

Motor hasseized.

What might cause fuses to blow when the AC is on in a 1998 Buick Skylark?

Likely the blower motor is bad, causing increased current and blowing the fuse. Replace the blower motor.

Fiesta heater not blowing?

Blown fuse, defective blower motor, or defective blower motor resistor pack.

Why don't your heater work?

There might be a bad fuse causing the heater to not work. Check the fuses if they are all ok you may have a bad blower motor. when you turn the heater on and no air is blowing then it is your blower motor.

Have a 91 Cavalier htrac fuse blows as soon as turned on have checked blower motor relay and inline fuses have also checked blower control switch If any answer please tell what to check and where?

If the heater is blowing the fuse when the blower is turned on, I would suspect the blower motor is defective or locked up. If the A/C is blowing a fuse, suspect a bad clutch, or locked up compressor.

Heater blower not working cant find the fuse or could it be something else?

mor vehicle info would help, but blower motor can be shot without blowing fuse

The Rear HeaterAC blower has stopped working in your 2001 GMC Yukon front works fine why?

When the front blower for heat and a/c work fine and the rear does not on the 2001 GMC Yukon it could be a blown fuse. Automobile manufacturers rarely have both of these blowers running off the same fuse.

1987 buick regal limited Blower Motor isn't blowing when I cut it on No air is blowing through the vents at all I have a new blower motor What could be the problem?

first thing to check is the fuse

Why did your heater in your van stop blowing?

Blown fuse, defective Blower Motor Resistor Pack, Defective Blower Motor, or Defective Blower Motor speed control switch.

Why would the defroster on a 1978 Nova not be blowing out any air?

Blower motor is shot or a burnt fuse.

1996 Avenger control switch for blower keeps blowing the fuse Blower works fine when wired direct?

The blower is drawing to many amps. Have it checked. If that's not it. your blower motor is shorted out. Om the motor to the frame.

The ac clutch starter fuse 30a in 93 dodge Dakota keeps blowing when us blower fan then truck wont start?

Disconnect the electrical connection at the blower fan motor, put a new fuse back in and see if the truck starts and runs without blowing the fuse. If so replace the blower fan motor. If the fuse still blows, disconnect the ac clutch wire from the ac compressor and try again.

You keep blowing the 25 amp air conditioner and blower fuse Where is the blower on a 1991 S-10 with air?

the blower motor should be either on the passenger firewall or in the passenger floorboard below the dash

1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee no air blowing?

Bad Blower motor fuse Bad blower motor resistor Bad blower motor Bad switch Evaporator plugged- not allowing air flow

How can you tell if the heater blower motor resistor is bad?

I dont know anything about cars but my blower stopped working in my car and I took it to the mechanic and he changed a fuse and it started working again. Then a couple of months later the blower stoped blowing again and I took it back to the mechanic and he said the fuse is fine it might be the blower moter, how can I tell, I think it's a loose wire because my radio was removed and everysince my radio was removed my blower has been giving me problems.

Why is your heater fuse keep blowing out in your car?

Heater blower motor is defective and locked up, or possible short in the wiring.

Your blower on your Renault laguna dynamique 1.8 2002 is not blowing and where is the fuse located and need symbol?

Try asking at :-)

What do i do if my heater stops blowing air in your 1993 acura integra?

check for a blown fuse that says heater or blower motor

Why brake fuse keeps blowing on 95 Toyota Camry?

Your brake fuse might continue blowing in the 1995 Toyota Camry because you have a wire that is exposed and shorting out. You might also have an issue with the brake sensors.

Where is the blower motor fuse in a 1993 ford escort?

The blower motor fuse is in the passenger compartment fuse panel underneath the dash on the driver's side. The blower motor fuse is a 30 amp fuse marked BLOWER.

Does the heater blower motor have a fuse?

Yes, there is a fuse for the blower motor.

2001 Pontiac grand prix heater not blowing?

Bad blower motor fuse? Bad blower motor resistor pack? Bad blower motor - checck to see if it is getting power--if so bad motor Bad switch?

The Air Conditioning and heater fuses keep on blowing whenever you turn on the fan air conditioning heating and windshield defrost in your 1997 neon sedan what could be causing this?

The blower motor fuse has blown or the blower motor itself has blown. Change the fuse or replace the blower motor itself and you should be good.

Why Heater fan not blowing?

If the blower motor does not function, it is blown fuse, defective blower motor, defective blower motor resistor pack, or in rare instances a defective blower motor speed control switch. Check the fuse. If it is OK, apply 12 volts directly to the blower motor and if it runs, you probably have a defective Resistor Pack. Very common problem. The only fix is to replace it.

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