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It could be a vacuum leak or throttle position sensor. or a fuel problem.

AnswerReplace your IAC sensor. It controls your IDLE. Answerhey whats up? your map and maf sensors don't control idle that's your iac, or idle control valve. good news its right on top of the motor and just screws in and out with a wire harness on top of your thottle body good luck! AnswerMight be spark plug wire's arcing I had same problem with my 95 bird AnswerCheck the O2 sensor for full range of operation. The O2 sensor controls the closed loop feedback system the computer uses to calculate fuel/air mixtures. The system only reaches closed loop feedback after the exhaust manifolds reach 600 F (i.e. when it is warmed up.) This could also cause problems accelerating not being responsive as well. Aftermarket O2 sensors are not recommended, they don't seem to have the same range as the AC Delco sensors.
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Q: Why might the RPMs on a 1991 Firebird Formula fluctuate when it is at temperature if you checked both maf and map sensors and you also changed the rotor and distributer cap but it still fluctuates?
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