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Forgot to mention that the A/C controller is not the one that you see on the dashboard. This one is a little blackbox that sits behind the dashboard.

Check the A/C Controller. This controls both the fan relay and the fan.

on escort models if the fan is good, it is usually the connector at the fan motor that is burned up. The fan motor is on the passenger side, underneath the dash.

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Q: Why might the cooling fan not come on in a 1995 Escort wagon if the fan relay has been replaced and the 40 amp fuse is good?
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Where is the cooling fan relay on a 97 escort 2.0 auto trans?

as long as it is the same as a 98 it is a fuze not a relay

Where is the cooling fan relay on a 1990 Ford Escort GT?

Usually on the rear upper radiator

Where is the cooling fan relay on a 97 ford escort?

Its under the air filter box its bolted under it.

Where is the cooling fan relay located on a 1998 escort?

try under air intake hose on to the right of center of engine top, there are 2 similar relays/sensors. one is relay sensor other is relay.

Where is starter relay escort on the Ford Escort?

The Escort doesn't have a starter relay. It has a solenoid on the starter that handles the heavy amperage.

What relay is cooling fan relay in 1999 escort ccm?

The cooling fan relay is under the air filter housing at the base of the strut housing. It is a little box with about 30 wires running into it. It is called the Constant Control Relay Module (CCRM). It contains relays for the cooling fan, Air Conditiloner and the Power Control Module. You might also want to know where the cooling fan sensor is at. It's screwed into the water outlet housing. The top hose of the radiator goes into it. It is one of 2 sensors. The sensor with 2 wires goes to the computer to run the cooling fan. The sensor with 1 wire goes to the gauge.

Where is the cooling fan relay located on 93 ford escort?

Driver side front of car in the main fuse box block. Its marked.

94 escort lx 1.9l rad fan dont work fuse is good what else can you look for?

check the cooling fan relay, located under the hood on the drivers side wheel well. in my 95 lx this has burt out had to be replaced to get the fan to work

Why does my 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee overheat even after replacing the thermostat the coolant and radiator?

You may have to replace the cooling fan relay or the cooling fan itself, I had the same problem and I first replaced the relay and it helped but then the cooling fan went out and I repalced it and now everything is fine.

1988 FORD ESCORT My fan wont kick on when hot you replaced fan motor thermostat and sensor in therm housing what else is there?

your fan relay switch your fan relay switch

How do you find the cooling fan relay on a 95 ford escort wagon?

Drivers side front of car in the main fuse block in the engine compartment.

How do you find the cooling fan relay on 1994 ford escort wagon?

On the drivers' side front of car it is in the main fuse box in the engine compartment.

Where is the thermostat relay switch ona1992 Ford Escort lx?

There is no thermostat relay switch on a 1992 escort lx.

Where is the instrument panel relay on a 1994 ford escort?

Where is the instrument panel relay located on a 1994 ford escort

Where is the flasher relay located on a 98 ford escort zx2?

where is th flasher relay on a 1999 ford escort zx2

What is wrong if you replace the cooling fan motor in a 1995 Ford Escort but it still wont come on?

check for power and ground at the fan plug, relay, and fuse

Corvette cooling fan relay location?

were is the relay 1990 corvetter cooling fan located at

Where is the cooling fan relay switch in a 2004 Volvo XC70?

The cooling fan relay switch can be located on the back of the cooling fan motor. The relay switch should be labeled as such.

Why does your 02 Jeep Grand Cherokee overheat in park you replaced the relay and checked the wiring?

We don't know what relay you are referring to. Check your thermostat and radiator fan. Fluch out your cooling system.

Where is the cooling fan relay on a 1996 Mercury Tracer wagon?

The 1996 Mercury cooling fan relay switch is on the back of the cooling fan motor. The relay switch should be labeled as such.

What does a blower relay do?

It is the relay for the heating and cooling fan

Which Relay controls the cooling fan on a 2001 Taurus?

The 2001 Ford Taurus has a cooling fan that is controlled by a relay. This relay is located on the radiator.

Where is the cooling fan relays on a 2000 Lincoln ls?

The cooling fan relay for the 2000 Lincoln LS is located behind the battery in the fuse relay box on the driver's side. The cooling fan relay controls the car's cooling fans.

Where is cooling fan relay located in 94 Acura Legend?

"Where is cooling fan relay on 94 acura legend?"

Where is the location of the cooling fan relay on a 2005 Dodge Caravan?

location for cooling relay on 05 caravan 3.8l