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Why might the headlights in a 1999 gmc jimmy be flickering?



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I have the same problem w/my 2001 and it seems a lot of the problems can be traced back to the ignition switch, or the turn signal switch/lever(cruse,turn signal arm off the steering column). It seems that both are "lubricated" during manufacturing and eventually leak which attracts 'gunk' internally and causes problems with the electrical connections. I have not attempted to replace these myself, but many have and said it solved all their problems. Of course you are driving a Jimmy and if you are not mechanically inclined, you soon will be and/or your wallet will be empty. I am simply amazed that they mass produced these vehicles under the name of Blazer/Jimmy/Oldsmobile, knowing they had serious problems. In most of these post the only happy jimmy owner is the person who sold theirs because they will definitely cost you a lot of money to keep on the road. Reminds me of the old Harley Davidson's because everyone you knew who owned one became a front yard mechanic just to keep the wheels rolling.